“You know they have free babysitting right?”

Because of their water park, our family recently signed up to be members of our local community center. We figured if we used it twice a month it would pay for itself. We were right. But as summer ends and kids head back to school, the water park is less and less likely to be used by us.

Sure they have indoor pools, but they are full of classes and busy a large part of the day. Who wants to go to an indoor pool anyway? I like hanging out in the sunshine when I’m at a pool, not under fluorescent lights. Plus without the zero-depth kids pool, lazy river, and water slide it’s not that much fun for my kids.

They also have several gymnasiums that we could use. The last time I walked by those, there was a full-court basketball game going on. These guys were all at least ten years younger than me, and were clearly people that played basketball in high school or college. It didn’t take me long to notice there weren’t any guys playing that looked like they hadn’t been on a team since the 6th grade. Just me.

They also have a gym. Like the kind you go work out in. I haven’t been to a gym or lifted a weight since there were short people walking around my house calling me “dad.” My oldest child is now seven, so you can see, its been a while. Plus, weights are so heavy. Why would anyone WANT to lift them?

I was beginning to think it may be time to convince my wife we needed to cancel our membership, but then she hit me with a lightening bolt of information. She said the following statement that changed my outlook on the whole place,

“You know they have free babysitting right?”

“Wait. What?” I replied in disbelief.

“It’s true,” she said. “Two free hours of babysitting each day.”

Unbelievable. Two hours of kid-free time anytime I want it or need it. All I have to do is pretend to exercise. I can do that.

Happy Parenting! I’m off to the community center to “workout.”



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