Willard Park Skatepark Now Open in Downtown Indy

Willard Skate Park, Downtown Indianapolis’ “first proper” skatepark, is now open to the public as of June 2022. Located a mile east of downtown on Washington Street, the skatepark features a large street plaza and flow bowl, and is free and open to the public to use for skateboarding, scootering and rollerblading.

Hunger Skateparks

Willard Park Skatepark Features

Designed by Hunger Skateparks, a skatepark design and construction company out of Bloomington, Willard Park Skatepark is made of concrete and have a multi-section flow bowl that includes multiple hips, corners, extensions and a capsule. The street plaza part of the skatepark will feature quarterpipes, banks, handrails, hubbas, ledges, manny boxes, a gapped A-frame, and a fun box.

Willard Park Skatepark is the largest skatepark ever built in the city of Indianapolis, and it is the first outdoor skatepark the city has built since 1999, when Major Taylor Skatepark was constructed.

Hunger Skateparks

Skatepark Built in Honor of Ethan Williams

Following the death of 20-year-old Ethan Williams, an Indiana University students who was shot by a stray bullet while visiting New York City in 2020, Ethan’s parents and the Indy skateboarding community came together to get the ball rolling for the creation of the skatepark. Skating was one of Ethan’s passions, and the park will be created to honor the life and legacy of this local skateboarder whose life was taken too soon.

Hunger Skateparks

More Info

Willard Park Skatepark is located at 1901 E. Washington Street in Indianapolis. 

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