The Playscape at the Children’s Museum is a Must-Visit

You’ve heard it said before, “April showers bring May flowers.”

While the rain does help things to blossom and grow, this means potentially being cooped-up in the house for another month.

 For those of you who can’t bear to be stuck inside for another day, we have the perfect solution – the Playscape at the Children’s Museum provides a fun-filled day that will cure even the worst case of cabin fever.


Last week, we found ourselves in a situation just like the one I described. The rain was falling and the kids were antsy. We needed something to do before they started bouncing off the walls and before I started pulling my hair out (okay, that may be a bit extreme – but you get the idea.)

We decided to make a trip to one of our favorite Indianapolis locations, The Children’s Museum. We have been members of the Children’s Museum for years and it has proved year after year to be money well spent. With a family of six, it only takes a couple of trips to a museum before our membership is paid off – so it just makes sense.

One of our favorite places to play at the Children’s Museum is in the Playscape. The Playscape (located on level three) was created specifically for children ages 5 and younger. While we only have one child who still falls in this age range (Sniff. Sniff), we can still all go in as a family. His older sisters are assigned the job of being a “Helper” and even get to wear a cool badge. If you have older siblings in tow, this is a great way for them to still feel “big” while having fun with the little kids.

Some of the highlights of the Playscape area are:
  • An underwater pond habitat
  • A special enclosed area where babies can crawl around and explore
  • The Art Studio
  • The Reaction Contraption
  • The Music Studio where kids can play musical instruments

  • The Whirly Twirly Tower
  • Places where kids can pour, mix and measure sand and water
  • A nature-inspired activity set where kids can climb

  • Private nursing area
  • Family restrooms
  • Diaper-changing stations

With so many engaging activities available, your little one is bound to have a great day exploring and learning through play at the Playscape. Their senses will be delighted as they play with the sand and water and feel the wind on their faces in the Whirly Twirly Tower. They can hear the beat of the drums and learn how to make music with their hands. They can watch what happens as they place a ball into the Reaction Contraption.

Fun at The Reaction Contraption

After you are finished at the Playscape, you may want to take advantage of the other incredible experiences offered at the Children’s Museum. Have a train lover in your house? Be sure to check out the trains on display. How about a dinosaur aficionado? Don’t leave without a stop by the Dinosphere. If you enjoy theater – be sure to check out the amazing performance at the Lilly Theater. And of course, a trip to the Children’s Museum would not be complete without a ride on the carousel.

Our most recent trip to the Children’s Museum was the perfect cure for our cabin fever. There is always plenty to do and see and we all leave happy and ready for a nap. That’s my kind of outing.

The Children’s Museum is located at 3000 North Meridian Street in Indianapolis. They are open daily from 10:00am – 5:00pm. For more information on pricing and how to become a member, please visit their website.

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