Why Preschool Enrichment is Important

There are more activities available for the five-and-under crowd than ever before. While it’s important for preschoolers to have lots of downtime and opportunities for free play, enrichment activities have undeniable benefits.



“This is a time when children are naturally curious, and they can best learn through hands-on experiences,” says Hillary Blake, director of education at Meridian Music School.

Here are some options for preschool enrichment, and the multiple ways these activities can expand your child’s social, emotional, physical and cognitive development.

The Arts

Art, music and dance are a natural fit for preschoolers, and most young children naturally gravitate toward them.

“Preschool is the perfect age for a child to begin learning music,” Blake says.

Artistic activities tap into a child’s imagination, and help them work on their fine and gross motor skills, social skills and confidence. At this age, many of these classes and events involve the parent or caregiver, which makes for a wonderful chance to give your child undivided attention.

“Music is fun, and it is often a great bonding opportunity for parents and children,” Blake says.

Places to Try

Ballet Theatre of Carmel Academy 

Indianapolis Art Center 

Indianapolis Children’s Choir


Meridian Music


Outdoor activities provide an endless playground of imagination for preschoolers. For instance, on a nature hike, young children use gross motor skills to navigate the trail, exercise while having fun, and use their natural ability to explore and discover. Several local parks offer opportunities for young adventurers to go hiking, learn about nature, and get hands-on with their natural surroundings. Time spent in nature promotes a healthy lifestyle, encourages gross motor skill development, and allows those active imaginations a chance to be creative.

Places to Try

Carmel Clay Parks and Recreation

Hamilton County Parks and Recreation

Indy Parks and Recreation


It’s no secret that preschoolers need to move! And there are many exciting gymnastics, dance and sports programs throughout Indianapolis for them to do just that. Just as their brains are developing at a rapid pace, preschoolers’ bodies are also quickly changing as they learn to use them. Not only do movement programs encourage kids to move their bodies, but they also teach them rules, encourage teamwork, foster listening skills and help with self-control.

Places to Try

Goldfish Swim School


The Little Gym

YMCA of Greater Indianapolis


Also known as Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, STEM enrichment programs abound for kids, even preschoolers. STEM concepts are becoming more and more important in education, and preschool age is a great time to begin to foster an interest and appreciation for them. Many Indianapolis museums and libraries offer classes or events that are STEM-centered and geared toward children under the age of five. These enriching interactions are hands-on and engaging, making them perfect for young learners. By introducing children to STEM concepts at an early age, their minds are exposed to a new way of thinking, and they’ll have a jumpstart on this type of learning in elementary school.

Places to Try


The Indianapolis Public Library

IUPUI Center for Young Children

Free Play

At any age, but especially for preschoolers, free play is an enrichment activity on its own. This is an unstructured time when little ones can explore, create, discover and learn without an agenda. While children often get this type of play at home, there are also many locations and programs throughout the area that are set up for this type of engagement. Look for play places that have themed areas that encourage creative play; these are perfect for early development and impressionable minds. Children can not only self-teach during this enriching play, but it also teaches social skills, life skills such as sharing, taking turns, and cleaning up after oneself, and confidence to try new things.

For preschoolers, enrichment activities promote development during an important window where young minds are learning and absorbing at a rapid rate. Begin your search for the perfect program by choosing activities that interest your child, and then let things develop from there.


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