Veal’s Ice Tree

What started as a backyard accident in 1961 has become an annual tradition for the Veal Family. The Veal Ice Tree is a massive icy sculpture created with nearby pond water. The remarkable beauty and grandeur of the Ice Tree is impossible to describe – you must experience it in person! Bonus: It’s Free

Latest Update: January 20, 2024 – “Estimated 30 feet tall.”

Check for the most current updates about the 2024 Veal’s Ice Tree. 

2024 Veal Ice Tree
Day 2 of the 2024 Veal’s Ice Tree.

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What is the Veal’s Ice Tree?

A seasonal attraction and family tradition in Indiana that began in 1961 and continues today! The Veal’s Ice Tree is a massive icy sculpture created with nearby pond water.

Veal’s Ice Tree
Veal’s Ice Tree

Where is the Veal’s Ice Tree located?

The ice tree is located at 6445 Mimosa Lane on the south side of Indianapolis. Once you arrive, you can park in the driveway next to the info box. Or you can drive around the loop while looking out the window.

When is the Ice Tree open for visitors?  

The Veal’s Ice Tree is usually formed every January, until it begins to melts in April. Hours are from dawn to dusk, seven days a week, lights around the tree turn off around 10 pm.

Veal’s Ice Tree

How much does it cost?

It’s FREE.

How high does the Ice Tree get?

In an average year, it grows 35 to 40 feet. The amount of freezing temperatures and the time we have to work on the ice tree determine the height. In 2014, it towered at an estimated 79-80 feet! A. In 2014, it towered at an estimated 79-80 feet!

Veal’s Ice Tree_Indy'sChildMagazine

Tips to Remember:

  • There is a SHARP curve after Acton Road.
  • Please remain on the pavement.
  • We are at the exact location with a new GPS friendly address: 6445 Mimosa Lane, Indianapolis, IN 46259
  • We do not charge or take donations.
  • The ice tree is not a business; it is a hobby we love to share.
  • Pets on leashes are welcome.

**Photos from this post show the Veal’s Ice Tree from previous years. 


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