8 Tips for Going on a Social Media Cleanse

In many ways, social media is a blessing. It keeps us connected to people we can’t see in person and for many, it’s a source of motivation and inspiration.

On the flip side, seeing people’s highlight reels all day, every day can get to you after a while. We know for a fact that no one’s life is perfect, but sometimes when the kids are screaming and e-learning is not going well and the house is a mess and you log onto Instagram to see a perfectly curated photo by a mommy blogger, you want to cry.

A social media cleanse might be in order. Here are some ideas for giving yourself a little break from the comparison game and more time to focus on the day-to-day things that actually bring you joy.

Get yourself a social media cleanse buddy.

Everything is easier with a little accountability. Call up your bestie and do it together! You could fill the time that you’d normally be on social media with a virtual book club, virtual crafting and baking sessions or watching a new Netflix series together (but apart). The options are endless.

Delete social media apps from your phone.

This might be an adjustment, but once you get used to it, we bet it’ll feel pretty liberating.

Not ready to delete altogether? Set an attainable goal for yourself.

Did you know that Instagram documents the amount of time you spend on Instagram each day? Go to your profile and click the hamburger (three lines) in the top right corner. The third item down is “Your Activity.” Take note of how much time you’re spending on the app and set a goal for yourself to spend less time on it. Instagram actually has a feature to help you with this! On that same activity page, you can set a daily reminder to tell you how much time you’ve spent on the app. If you want to only spend 30 minutes a day on Instagram, the app will alert you when you’ve been on for that long each day.

Install the Facebook News Feed Eradicator Chrome extension.

With your apps deleted, you might be more inclined to check Facebook for notifications, memories, etc. on your laptop. If you use Chrome as your browser, you can install an extension called News Feed Eradicator for Facebook. This app is a godsend for productivity, especially if you have to use Facebook for work. It lets you do everything you like or need to do on Facebook while replacing the content of your feed with rotating motivational quotes. Never accidentally waste 45 minutes scrolling and reading things you don’t actually care about ever again!

Change your phone background.

You glance at your phone screen countless times throughout the day. Make it a source of inspiration! Use Canva to design a unique phone background with your favorite quote or see what Google turns up. Here’s a list of 27 phone backgrounds for anybody needing a little motivation.

Create folders on your phone screen.

This is a great time to get your apps organized! Clear up your screen and create app category folders, moving all your apps into their new respective folder homes. When all your apps are safe and organized, you’ll actually be able to see your phone background and not be as tempted to open up your apps. At the very least, your thumb has to take one or two extra steps before clicking to open the app.

Give your phone a bedtime.

Your kids have a bedtime! You have a bedtime! Give your phone one also. Commit to leaving your phone in your bedroom when there are still a few hours left in your day. Enjoy quality time with your family or that book you’ve been meaning to read with zero distractions from your phone screen. Plus, study after study has shown that looking at your phone screen right before bed leads to worse sleep. Give yourself more time during the day and a better night’s sleep by tucking that phone away early.

Acquire a real alarm clock.

Just like looking at your phone right before bed isn’t the best, looking at it right when you wake up also isn’t ideal. Even if you think you’re just using it as an alarm clock, there’s a lot of temptation to check your email or social media accounts when you’re still in bed. Start your day with a little more peace by not immediately stressing yourself out with whatever is on your phone screen.

Still stressed out? Try this breathing exercise.

Breathe in for 4 seconds, hold your breath for 4 seconds, and breathe out for 4 seconds. Keep your eyes closed as you do this and notice your body start to unclench. Your heart rate will slow down a bit and your body will follow those cues, naturally calming down and relaxing. It won’t solve all your problems, but it’ll make you feel more prepared to take them on.

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