The Rink at Hamilton Town Center

One of our newest Indy’s Child Insiders – Megan Leahy – returns for her 2nd piece with us, and this time she took it outside with a quick round at The Rink at Hamilton Town Center. Open for a limited time at Hamilton Town Center, Megan and daughter Ronyn are reporting back on their visit.

When I found out that there was an ice skating rink at the mall by my house in Noblesville I was super excited. Not for me but for my kiddos (the ice and I do NOT get along). Indy’s Child had already spilled the beans on local ice rinks in their “Best Places To Ice Skate In Indianapolis” guide, so this new spot caught my attention. My seven year old, Ronyn, was equally excited when I surprised her with a trip to The Rink this past weekend.
The Rink at Hamilton Town Center _Indy'sChildWe arrived at 11am when they first opened for the day. On this particular day it was rather wet from the overnight rain so we were impressed to see all of the staff out on the ice trying to move the standing water off to the side of the rink. It was safe to skate but extra wet (just ask my daughter).

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Admission to The Rink is $12 for 90 minutes of skate time for those over 4 years of age and $9 for those under. After paying for my daughter’s ticket (no, I did not skate. see above statement) we were glad to see that the ice skates are super easy to put on. Once Ronyn got on the ice she held on to the top of the wall and took a few laps around. After getting acquainted with the rink she used one of the white walkers to make her way towards the middle of the ice. She loved it and did not want to leave!
One of the best things about The Rink is the fact that it is open no matter the temperature. It was over 50 degrees when we were there – there was a kid in shorts on the ice! So whether or not this winter feel like a ‘typical’ wintery season here in Indiana, you will definitely see us there again soon. Come out and join us!

MORE INFO: The Rink is located at 13077 Harrell Parkway, Noblesville, next to the Hamilton Town Center. Hours run Mondays-Thursdays from 3-10pm, Fridays from 3pm-11pm, Saturdays 11am-11pm and Sundays 11am-10pm. Cost is $12/skater ages 4 and up OR $9 for kids under 4 and includes 90-minutes of skate time plus rental. The Rink will remain open until January 31, 2016. See their Facebook page for more details. {Ice skaters photo credit: The Rink Facebook Page.}

Megan Leahy - Digital Writer Indy's ChildAbout Megan:

A 30-something stay-at-home-mom of two, Megan is an Indy transplant who doesn’t like to stay at home. Originally from central Illinois, you can find her anywhere from the public library returning an overdue book or Target buying more than she went in for to taking her husband & kiddos out on the town or spending time with her friends at a local hot spot. Megan is an avid volunteer who loves working with children and helping those in need. In 2015 she founded Pals on Patrol, a non-profit that collects new/very gently used stuffed animals that police, fire/rescue, and DCS staff can give to children in time of crisis. Follow her on Twitter or check out

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