The Pleasure is all mine!

Have you ever wanted something so badly, that you worked as hard as you could, day in day out, doing leg work and research, planning and preparing and then suddenly, there you are there smacked in the face with your destiny. For me that day is today. So truly, I am pleased to make your acquaintance and the pleasure is all mine. Reading Indy’s Child has been a great way to get to know the Indianapolis community, and I am thrilled to have the chance to be the newest blogger in the family.

As the saying goes, a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step; my journey began over 20 years ago, in Notre Dame country, South Bend, Indiana. I’m the youngest of five, and my father’s favorite…I mean namesake. Even as a child, I knew being a mother was what I was put on this earth to become. After high school, I started college to become a psychologist. Several degrees, and babies later, I’m here in Indianapolis, mother to four princesses that keep my husband and I, high school sweethearts, busy on a daily basis. We spend most weekends fluctuating between rolling on the floor laughing and running from soccer field to Girl Scout camp with car seats and sack lunches in tow.

Now, working as a middle school counselor, I am given the great responsibility of helping others mold and shape the minds of the masses as an educator and I am passionate about the work that I do. I believe children are gifts, that you put together yourself, kind of like puzzles. With the right tips, tools, and techniques they can learn and grow into wonderful, productive adults. When you put all the pieces together, the process is amazing.

I have four daughters and they continue to keep me busy. I’ve been a teen mom, a working mom, a non-traditional graduate student and more, and along the way I’ve learned a few things. My girls, Autumn 20, Temple 14, Lauryn 7, and Leila 4, are the loves of my life and the main reason I am fully functional on less than 6 hours of sleep a night. Because of them I have gained things I never knew I was missing, and learned lessons that I want to share with all of you.

Along the way there have been times, when I hit THE wall. Times when I thought, “I don’t know what I am doing”. Any parent whose child is more than a minute old will tell you parenting is hard work, I’m here to say, we all need a hand from time to time. Even on the best days your patience and your creativity can be pushed to the limit, that’s where I come in. As I share about my struggles and triumphs you and I will learn together. As an educator I’m fortunate that my work with kids and my passion for my own combine for the best possible scenario, allowing me to be good at both of my jobs.

Three things you should know about me. I hate being late, which means yes, I’m married to a man who usually is. I love all things thrifty, especially a nice summer community yard sale, and cooking is my favorite way to show my family my love, so even though I haven’t tried nearly enough of my pins, when I’m allowing myself to waste time, you’ll probably find me pinning things that I think my family might eat.

So here we go.

Let our journey begin.

The first step is mine…join me.

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