The Mindprint Cognitive Assessment


Most parents wish they knew more about how their children learn and how best to support their success in school and in life. Now — for the first time — there is an accurate, scientifically valid, affordable way to find out.


The Mindprint Cognitive Assessment

The Mindprint Cognitive Assessment is a set of short tests that measure your child’s cognitive skills.  Cognitive skills are the foundation for learning and include mental processes like attention and memory.  Mindprint assesses executive functions (attention and working memory), processing speed, memory (visual and verbal), and complex reasoning visual, verbal and abstract).  This assessment is appropriate for ages 8 to 21.
And it is much more!


Based on your child’s results, Mindprint provides a unique learning profile, describing your child’s performance on each of the tests.  It details your child’s cognitive strengths and weaknesses.  Then it explains how to further develop strengths and support or reinforce weaker skills.  It comes with a personalized online toolbox of resources determined by your child’s learning profile.

The Mindprint Cognitive Assessment and Learning Profile are an incredible value at the regular price of $199.  And we are excited to offer you a 10% discount.  This offer is good through November 30, 2017.


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