The Last Laugh

Canned tuna with corn. It tasted as horrible as it sounds. – Stephanie A.

Oatmeal and cheese. – Holly S.

Soup, bananas, spaghetti and green beans. – Ardith B

Popcorn and cereal. – Gonda D.

Threw a couple of cans of beans, tomato paste and spices into a pot and warmed it up. I thought it would taste like chili. Our two year old wouldn’t touch it. I obviously need to use my wife’s recipe next time. – James C.

Bowl of Cheerios and honey roasted peanuts! – Julie A.

I had nothing to prepare so I mixed a lot of pantry items on a plate to make it look like a sampler. I passed! – Michelle S.

Peanut butter and bread and butter pickle sandwich. – Stacey H.

Cereal! Lol. Also, once we had fish sticks and eggs! Yuck! – Hollie C.

Peanut butter and honey sandwich….which she had for lunch that day as well. – Dalhia S.

Nutella stuffed crescent rolls. Who needs anything else with that?? – Leslie F.

Thanks to all our readers for their “creative” replies!

*Comments taken from the Hamilton County Family magazine Facebook page.



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