The “Dad Bod”

The “Dad Bod.” Ever heard of it? It’s a thing, and now science has proven it.

Here’s the study in a nutshell: 10,000 men were studied over a 20 year period, the men who had children gained weight and the men that didn’t lost weight. What is it about having kids that caused these guys to gain weight? I have a few ideas.

Scenario #1

Dad makes lunch for himself and the kids. What is he supposed to do with all the leftover mac and cheese and chicken fingers on his children’s plates? Eat them of course.

Scenario #2

Since the kids didn’t eat all their lunch (see above) they are hungry for an afternoon snack. Dad’s not particularly hungry, but while getting the peanut butter and crackers ready, he samples a few too.

Scenario #3 

A child brings home a great report card, which is cause for a celebratory ice cream. Would you go to an ice cream shop and not get something for yourself too? That’s just plain crazy.

Scenario #4

The kids are arguing. They keep getting up after being put to bed. The house is a disaster. Each one of these stressors is a trip to the kitchen for a handful of chips, a piece of chocolate from that hiding place or a cold beer from the fridge. This can easily add a few hundred extra calories each day.

It’s not hard to see how a dad puts on a few extra pounds! In fact, when I look at this study again it’s amazing to me that these fathers ONLY gained an average of 4.4 pounds. I think we should be celebrating these guys!  So, if you see a dad sporting his slightly overweight “dad bod” give him a pat on his back (it’s less squishy than his stomach) and congratulate him on his incredible physique.

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