Take a Ride Around Indy on a Chicken Limo

What the cluck? A limousine that looks like a chicken?! Yes, it’s true!

If you live around Indianapolis, you might have spotted Chicken Limo making its way down the street or roosting in a parking lot. This egg-citing vehicle has been turning heads and ruffling feathers since it began operating in 2006. The Indianapolis limousine service transports people chicken-style wherever they want to go and for any occasion, including weddings, birthdays and more.

Indy’s Child talked to John Barker, owner and operator of Chicken Limo and Indiana University grad, who hatched the idea of a chicken limo service with his family.

What is the typical reaction to the Chicken Limo when people see you on the street?

Usually smiles, and then laughter once I hit the chicken clucking button on the limo. Kids usually have the best reaction. They usually run after me when I’m in their neighborhood. They think they are a little celebrities when they get to ride in it. 

What does the Chicken Limo look like inside? Is it chicken themed inside, too?

The Chicken Limo is like a normal limo inside, except with a subwoofer sound system and LED lights. He has seating for eight passengers.

What kind of events are people renting the Chicken Limo for?

I rent the limo most often to birthday groups. Also to people going to concerts, bachelorette parties, corporate events and weddings.  I normally book the party buses for weddings.

So … you have other animal vehicles in addition to the Chicken Limo?

I also have the Hippo Party Bus, and I did have the Dragon Wagon, but it was hit by someone recently and it was totaled. 

What is the best way for people to book a ride with you? How far out should they book?

The best way to book a ride with us is through our website: chickenlimo.com That way, I can get their information and can check on the dates. I often book up for big concerts right when they go on sale. I take a deposit upfront to reserve someone’s time slot. I’m usually booked every Saturday during the year, with a lot more business from April to the end of October.

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