Sycamore School: A Passion for Gifted Education

Sycamore School is Indiana’s only private, independent school for gifted students in Preschool through 8th grade. One of very few gifted schools in the country, Sycamore’s focus is on meeting the academic, social, and emotional needs of gifted learners, in and out of the classroom, while having students be known and loved. 

Sycamore begins with a program for three-year-olds and continues through Middle School. Students–and their parents–find a peer group of kids who think and learn like them, a curriculum designed for gifted students, and teachers who understand and respect them and who are trained to teach gifted kids. Experiential, hands-on, differentiated learning is the norm at Sycamore. Students benefit from many speakers and field trips that bring learning to life. In fact, a student who is at Sycamore from Preschool through 8th grade will experience more than 90 speakers and 80 field trips! 

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The school’s passion for educating gifted children extends beyond the classroom to art, music, theatre, athletics, academic competitions, and more. Sycamore students often win local, state, and national awards and are in an environment where they feel accepted and where their achievements are celebrated. Character development is emphasized, as Sycamore’s four core values–respect, moral courage, empathy, and relationships–are taught, practiced, and exemplified by students in all grades. 

Sycamore invites you to experience the school’s positive atmosphere and energy for yourself.

You can learn about gifted education, take a virtual tour, explore academics, understand the enrollment process, and more at

You can also attend a Wednesdays with Sycamore event and/or schedule a personal tour by contacting the Enrollment Management Office at 317-202-2544. Sycamore is still accepting applications for many grades for this school year while also accepting applications for 2021-2022! 

Gifted kids are Sycamore’s mission and passion. Come see for yourself! 




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