Special Olympics Hamilton County Open Call for Volunteers

Special Olympics Hamilton County can use a few extra hands.

Special Olympics Hamilton County
for management positions, volunteer positions, coaches, and athletes/parents interested in learning more about SOHC’s program.
Tuesday, September 8th, 2015
6:30-8:30 PM
Special Olympics Indiana
6200 Technology Center Drive, Suite 105
Indianapolis, 46278
To work as a member of the management team, responsible for making a year-round program of sports training and competition available to all eligible Special Olympics athletes within Hamilton County.
(ALL positions are non-paid and volunteer)
County Coordinator
  • Appoint and supervise county management team
  • Plan annual calendar of events
  • Oversee finances (budgets)
  • Implement volunteer policies
  • Submit entry forms
  • Attend area meeting, Regional Conference and state conference/leadership retreat
Assistant County Coordinator
  • Back-up County Coordinator
  • Coordinate public relations
  • Usually responsible for another major team function (sports, outreach, volunteers, etc.)
Outreach Coordinator
  • Identify eligible athletes
  • Create recruitment campaigns
  • Register athletes
  • Make presentations
  • Support family involvement
  • Set goals and develop plans
Public Relations Coordinator
  • Develop and annual public relations/education plan
  • Compile a media and PR directory of all newspapers, PR agencies, publications, and radio/tv stations in area
  • Publish a county newsletter
  • Develop a fact sheet for the county program
  • Prepare promotional kits for prospective athletes
Athlete Leadership Program (ALP’s) Coordinator
  • Provide training and support for athletes who desire to expand their participation both on and off the competition field.
  • Meet with the athletes at least once a month
  • Prepare athletes for ALPs university (if needed)
  • Provide budget/plan for activities
Transportation Coordinator
  • Pick up Athletes and deliver them to their destination
  • Pick up and drop off auction items from events
Golf Coach
  • Train with athletes at least once a week during golf season
  • Attend sports events
  • Submit all paperwork on time
Basic Volunteer
  • Perform short-term tasks at sports or fundraising events.
  • Usually a one-day commitment of 4-8 hours.
  • Escort athletes
  • Serve meals
  • Officiate games
  • Register volunteers and event participants
  • Keep score at games
  • Support at special events and fundraisers
  • Provide first aid
  • Set up/tear down equipment
  • Help with post-event clean-up
  • Assist with event hospitality

Questions? Contact Tiffany Yust at tiffanysohc@hotmail.com

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