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Simon Moon Park

Looking for the ideal toddler or preschooler park? You’ll find lots of fun for little ones at Simon Moon Park! This park might look small (it’s 5.5-acres), but it has a lot to offer young kids and their caregivers.

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Fun and Colorful Playground

Located off of 171st Street in Westfield, Simon Moon Park is best known for its colorful playground. The playground has a farm animal and castle theme throughout. The playground structure offers slides at just the right height and length for toddlers, and simple rope climbing nets to let young kids test their climbing skills. There is a little play house for kids to play pretend, a teeter totter, and lots of objects at toddler eye-level to touch and explore. 

This park is ideal for children 6 and under. There are lots of things to climb and play with, but it doesn’t have any of the huge thrills some of the other parks have. The ground is a nice, soft Astroturf material to help cushion landings. One of the great things about Simon Moon Park is that, because it’s small, it’s easy to see your child from wherever they are on the playground.

Other Park Features

The playground makes up a big part of Simon Moon Park. But you will also find a swinging bench near the playground that’s perfect for relaxing, a sheltered picnic area with tables, a drinking fountain and a restroom.

Simon Moon Park Sledding Hill

Simon Moon Park is also known for its sledding hill! In the winter months when there is snow on the ground, this park is the place to be. You will find lots of families sledding down the big — but not too scary-fast! — sledding hill. In the summer, the City of Westfield sometimes has summer sledding events. During these free events, you will find a big tarp on the hill and the Westfield Fire Department spraying sledders as they glide down the hill in their swim suits! This sledding hill offers lots of fun for families year round.

More Info

Simon Moon Park is located at 3044 E 171st Street in Westfield. It’s open from dawn to dusk. Find more info here. 



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