Science Gets Real at The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis


Ever wonder how worms give soil oxygen? Or how water moves from lakes and rivers into your bathtub at home?


In the reimagined Dow AgroSciences ScienceWorks at The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, children and families will discover the answers to these questions and many more, while forming scientific questions of their own! They can explore what it’s like to be biologists, geologists, farmers and many other types of scientists they may not even know exist. With learning experiences for the entire family to enjoy, children will realize that science is so much more than working in a lab and wearing a white coat.


Depending on your child’s interest, you may choose to start at the water table where he or she can learn how to operate locks and dams to move water as they pretend to be a hydrologist working along the Mississippi River system. Or, they may choose to buckle into a real John Deere combine cab and pretend to be an Indiana farmer. Kids can also discover what it’s like to be a chemist and test soil pH to figure out how to increase crop supply and produce healthier plants.


Families are likely to relive fond memories of the old cave at the museum as they uncover the new cave that features faux stalactites. Younger children will no doubt love the adventure of discovering bats and other cave-dwelling creatures through an interactive flashlight activity. Near the cave, kids will be awed by the four-foot-tall sparkling amethyst on display!


Imagine your children’s surprise when they learn that something as simple as taking a bath requires the work of hydrologists, chemists and other science professionals. With interactive activities families can make observations, complete experiments and make hypotheses together while learning about the exciting fields of science. Hands-on learning such as tracking weather patterns in the weather station or taking care of sick tomatoes on the farm, show that science is in action in the world around them.


Children and families can continue the learning and discussions long after their visit. With an emphasis on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education, Dow AgroSciences ScienceWorks demonstrates the lifelong value of making scientific observations in order to understand our world.

The reinvention of ScienceWorks is made possible by the generous support of Dow AgroSciences through The Dow Chemical Company Foundation.

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