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Riverwood Park and Splash Pad

To me, the best parks are small enough so that I can see my kids playing from wherever I’m sitting, and yet big enough to offer a variety of fun things that will keep them occupied for a long time. We found this wonderful combination at Riverwood Park, an 11-acre park in the Ravenswood neighborhood of Indianapolis.


If you visit Riverwood Park during the hot summer months like my kids and I did, you will definitely want to bring a swimsuit and towel to take advantage of the splash pad. You can’t miss the splash pad — not just because it sits right at the entrance to the park, but also because it has a cute, colorful water structure. Part of the structure has little eyes sitting on top of it, and my kids couldn’t decide whether it looked more like a frog or a monster. (We agreed that it must be a monster frog.) No matter what you think it looks like, the splash pad is a fun sight to behold, and a welcome and cool relief from the hot weather when you’re running and playing under the mist and spray.

Just steps from the splash pad is the playground, with multiple slides, several swings, bridges, firemen poles, monkey bars, a climbing wall and other fun things to play on. Not too far away from the playground is a shaded picnic shelter area with several tables.

Speaking of shade: You’ll want to know before you visit Riverwood Park that shade is at a premium at this park — meaning, there isn’t very much. There are benches all around the splash pad so you have a place to sit, but you’ll have to sit in the sun because there isn’t any shade. Same thing with the playground. However, the picnic area has lots of shade, so it’s probably best to hang out in this area when you need a bit of relief from the sun.

Riverwood Park also has basketball courts and a huge, grassy, open field, which is perfect for kicking around a soccer ball or playing tag football. There’s something for everyone to do at this little park!

More Info about Riverwood Park:

Riverwood Park is located at 7201 Crittenden Ave. in Indianapolis. The splash pad is open from Memorial Day through Labor Day. For more information, visit http://funfinder.indy.gov/#%21/../%23/details/1871

Nicole Sipe is a freelance writer and editor in Indianapolis. A Southern California native, she enjoys exploring Indy with her husband and two sons.



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