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Raymond Worth Park in Westfield

Tucked along Little Eagle Creek Avenue in Westfield is Raymond Worth Park, a hidden gem for families looking for a fun and engaging outdoor space to play and explore. With an array of activities and attractions, this park offers something for everyone.

Raymond Worth Park Playground

As you enter the park, the vibrant colors and modern equipment of the playground will catch your eye. The climbing structure is the biggest draw, with its multiple slides and plenty of places to climb.


Off to the side is a merry-go-round that offers lots of spinning fun, and a balancing beam that challenges kids to stay on it while it moves as they walk on it.

Parents can relax while watching their kids enjoy the playground’s state-of-the-art equipment in a safe and colorful environment. The ground is covered with soft Astroturf to cushion falls.

Natural Walking Trails and Fishing

The park also offers a grass-lined, natural trail that is surrounded by trees and flowers. The wide path loops around the park, creating a 1/2 mile trail that’s an easy walk for younger kids.


Raymond Worth Park is also home to a pond that’s perfect for fishing or just enjoying the scenic views. Bring your fishing poles and enjoy the tranquility of the lake, or bring a picnic while enjoying the natural beauty of the area and exploring the native wildlife that inhabits it.

Things to Keep in Mind

  • There are no restroom or drinking fountain facilities at Raymond Worth Park, so plan accordingly!
  • The playground is set very close to the road, and while there’s a fence by the playground, it doesn’t completely surround the play area.
  • Arriving by horse? There’s a hitching post in the parking lot!

More Info

Raymond Worth Park is located at 16301 Little Creek Avenue in Westfield. It’s open from sunrise to sunset. For more information, visit the park’s website.



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