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Phalen Virtual Leadership Academy

PVLA iconPhalen Virtual Leadership Academy experience provides K-12 scholars with a high quality, rigorous and engaging curriculum taught daily online LIVE by dedicated, state-certified teachers. Accredited by a local university, PLA Virtual utilizes evidence-based online curricula to empower scholars and families to learn safely at home, with a daily live class schedule that allows our scholars to interact with teachers and peers all day while engaging in learning. Our scholars excel not just in academics, but also socially and emotionally with a blend of online coursework and options to engage in field trips, clubs, enrichment, and sports (offered through our partnership with local PLA campus teams). There is also extended parent (learning coach) support including direct teacher contact, live orientations and parent sessions, real-time access to grades and attendance, and a daily Help Desk for all technical needs.

General Info:

Address: 4352 North Mitthoeffer Road, Suite #VS, Indianapolis
Phone: (317) 939-3787

Q&A with Phalen Virtual Leadership Academy:

What makes Phalen Virtual Leadership Academy unique?

Phalen Virtual Leadership Academy is a fully virtual school designed to serve any eligible K-12 scholar who resides in Indiana. Our staff are highly qualified and experienced virtual teachers that pair their passion for education with technology to provide an interactive learning environment with mics and cameras on. We provide a research based, rigorous curriculum. Our scholars learn and thrive in their own home environment while spending the day in online classes that are taught LIVE by our state-certified teachers. PLA Virtual also hosts monthly virtual and in-person events for scholars and families to connect and interact with their peers.

What is Phalen Virtual Leadership Academy’s age/grade range?

Phalen Virtual Leadership Academy is a Grades K-12 school open to all eligible Indiana resident families.

What is Phalen Virtual Leadership Academy’s enrollment policy? Are there any key dates parents should be aware of?

Phalen Virtual Leadership Academy offers OPEN ENROLLMENT all year long. Scholars can enroll at any time throughout the year, with designated weekly start dates to support families full registration, completion of parent orientation and course scheduling.

Does Phalen Virtual Leadership Academy offer financial assistance?

Phalen Virtual Leadership Academy is a completely TUITION-FREE virtual public charter school. We offer Chromebooks to all enrolled families and Wi-Fi hotspots, if needed.

What are the standard school day hours?

Phalen Virtual Leadership Academy is open Monday-Friday from 8:00m-4:00m. Classes begin daily at 8:10am for Middle and High School Scholars and 8:30am for Elementary Scholars.

Does Phalen Virtual Leadership Academy offer before/after school care? 

Phalen Virtual Leadership Academy is a fully virtual school, affording scholars and families the opportunity to learn from the comforts of their own home. As a result, PLA Virtual does not offer after school care. PLA Virtual offers a variety of student clubs, specials, monthly events for families, field trips, annual art show, awards ceremonies, and more.

Is there a uniform or dress code?

Phalen Virtual Leadership Academy does not require scholars to wear uniforms, but we do have a school dress code which requires appropriate school attire (outlined in our handbook) as our scholars are on camera in their live classes.

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How many children attend Phalen Virtual Leadership Academy? How many students are in the average classroom?

We currently have 400 scholars enrolled at Phalen Virtual Leadership Academy and take great pride in our low teacher-to-student ratio. The average scholar-to-teacher ratio is 20:1.

Does Phalen Virtual Leadership Academy have a homework policy?

All Phalen Virtual Leadership Scholars have a class period to work on material that was not completed during class. Daily lessons are taught in a live session with a teacher, so scholars have full support and parents (learning coaches) do not bear the responsibility of teaching their scholar, as our teachers are available before, during and after classes.

Does Phalen Virtual Leadership Academy offer support for students with special needs?

Phalen Virtual Leadership Academy provides Special Education Services and ELL Services to all eligible scholars.

What specialty classes / extracurricular activities does Phalen Virtual Leadership Academy offer?

Phalen Virtual Leadership Academy provides enrichment experiences including art, music, STEM, physical education, guest speakers, and optional field trips to colleges, workplaces, museums, and cultural landmarks. PLA Virtual also provides access to virtual afterschool high ability clubs and athletics at our PLA Network schools. Eligible High School scholars have the opportunity to participate in dual credit college courses.

What are Phalen Virtual Leadership Academy’s safety policies?

Phalen Virtual Leadership Academy has a cyberbullying policy, school safety plan and a school counselor and social worker who work daily to ensure that our scholars are supported in school as well as in the home environment. Any emotional or physical concerns that our scholars experience are addressed immediately with members of the administration team and all involved parties.

What extra safety measures is Phalen Virtual Leadership Academy taking during the COVID-19 pandemic?

PLA Virtual is a fully virtual school, so our model affords us to allow all families and staff members to social distance and quarantine in the comforts of their homes while learning online with state-certified teachers in live classes. During required in-person state testing. PLA Virtual provides staff and scholars with PPE, social distancing, hand-washing stations, and temperature checks for all participants.

Who should parents contact for more information about Phalen Virtual Leadership Academy?

 Angie Baker, School Enrollment Coordinator
[email protected]
Direct line: 219-293-8497