As seen on IndyStyle: Packing The Perfect Diaper Bag

We’re proud parents over here at Indy’s Child magazine: It’s a baby! As in OhBaby! magazine. This annual publication launched in April 2016, jam-packed with info, resources, and laughs for the new and expectant parent. Follow along this year as we highlight a few of the feature stories from OhBaby! or dive into the issue yourself here.

Diapers. Wipes. An extra change of clothes. When did diaper bags transform into a Mary Poppins–inspired hotbed of must-haves? We turned to the experts from local support network theCityMoms, and asked:

“What are the essential diaper bag items?”

“A changing pad. I had to change my son on the floor of the Starbucks bathroom and was thankful I had it.” – Sara B.

“Extra clothes/socks for baby and an extra shirt for mom or dad. Believe me there will be a day when you’ll need it.” – Megan L.

OhBabyMagazine_Cover-Round4 copy“Boogie wipes.” – Bonna H.

“A bag for wet or soiled clothes {it happens!}” – Bryna O.

“Travel bibs.” – Kristi S.

“Toys for distraction.” – Kendra S.

“Small clutch type bag that’s just for mommy items… Keys, ID, credit cards, lip gloss, etc… Keeps it separate from baby items when you need to find something quickly!” – Marie M.

WATCH: Indy’s Child Digital Editor Jeanine stopped by IndyStyle in late April 2016 to talk about the perfect diaper bag. See the segment yourself!

“Extra pacifier because we all know that they lose them so easily!” – Kim F.

“A muslin blanket makes a great all-purpose item – nursing cover, summer breathable sun cover for pumpkin seat/snap-n-go, play mat in a pinch, burp cloth – you name it!” – Keri R.

“Spray hand sanitizer, antibacterial wipes (to wipe down public changing tables, high chairs, etc).” – Melanie A.

“Small basic first aid kit.” – Clare R.

“Snacks to keep kiddos busy at restaurants or grocery store.” – Ariane S.

“{When they get old enough} A baggie of bendy straws, plastic silverware, and disposable placemats.” – Kaitlyn S.

“Advil for mom and throw in emergency chocolate.” – Shelly B.

Is there anything you’d add to this list? Let us know in the comments, tell us over on Facebook or tweet us at @IndysChild!


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