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Do you love a good sale? Food trucks? Music? Kick off your weekend with fun and head on over to Lila’s Pockets Spring Sale at Sleepybear Campground in Noblesville for an event you won’t want to miss!

A BFF team of two stay-at-home moms, Lila’s Pockets is a charming business where vintage furniture is transformed into fun and practical pieces for your home.

“I started this little business adventure about 6 years ago after my daughter, Lila, who constantly put little treasures in her pockets. Lila’s Pockets was born as I started painting furniture and posting the items to craigslist to help supplement an income after deciding to stay home with the kids. The demand for furniture became stronger and so did the work! About three years ago, I asked my best friend Johnna to team up with me and start painting furniture. We came up with the idea of doing two big live sales each year to generate interest and to sell a lot at one time,” says owner, Kara Newton.

So what will you find at this weekend’s sale? “Furniture! We paint furniture so that’s what you will find at our sales along with other household decorative items. Our furniture sweeps across every style including vintage, modern, primitive and retro too.”

Lila’s Pockets Spring Sale kicks off this evening at Sleepybear Campground at 6pm. Make it a family affair and bring the kids to join the fun! BBQ52 and Scouts Treat Truck will be serving up the best barbeque and treats in town including cupcakes, sea salt brownies, popcorn, and lemon shake ups to name a few.

“We are first wives and moms. So, you will see our husbands and kids at every event. Because of this, we’d like to see ourselves as a family event, because it is for us! At the sales you’ll find kids running around, families eating at picnic tables, and groups playing corn hole,” says Newton.

Pack up the kids and head on over to Lila’s Pockets Spring Sale tonight and tomorrow. As the two friends say on their Facebook page, “Dig deep into Lila’s Pockets, you never know what kind of treasure you might find!”

Lila’s Pockets Spring Sale: Thurs, May 15: 6-8:30pm/Fri, May 16: 9-5pm at Sleepybear Campground, 13231 E 146th St Noblesville

For more info, check out Lila’s Pockets Facebook page.

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