New Culinary Adventure for Phenomenal Foodie Kids!

Have you noticed the foodie culture is trickling down to kids? Youngsters can’t get enough of cuisine-themed shows created just for them on Food Network, Netflix, YouTube, Twitch and Hulu. From kid-hosted online cooking tutorials to TV network competitions, challenge shows and baking championships, foodie kid shows are inspiring young chefs across the globe to explore culinary adventures and add their own spin on food.

Do you have a serious kid cook on your hands? Nurture their culinary passion with an exciting new opportunity at Carmel’s Sprouts Cooking School, Indiana’s only dedicated kid’s cooking school. Just launched this summer, Sprouts is offering an exclusive new skilled-based culinary program called MemberChef!

What is MemberChef?

Modeled after culinary school and intended for students ages 6-13 who want to elevate their skills in the kitchen, the skill-based curriculum focuses on a specific culinary skill each month. Students attend four monthly (1.5 hours each) classes and work to master a culinary skill outlined for the month.  At the end of the four weeks, classes commence with a family dinner where students show their parents what they learned. The class finale also features the presentation of a custom-designed pin to display on their exclusive black Sprouts Cooking School MemberChef coat.

“I love nurturing adventurous palates through our camps, kid’s night out single sessions and Saturday family classes, but I’m thrilled beyond measure to launch our new skill-based program, MemberChef,” says Sprouts Cooking School founder and owner, Stephanie Drewry. “Building a strong foundation for a lifelong love of cooking is so important. MemberChef is a perfect way for kid chefs and bakers to learn the fundamentals of cooking, grow their culinary skills and be empowered in the kitchen and as the next generation of foodies!””

MemberChef Fall Class Sessions

MemberChef classes kick-off in September, but you can snag your child’s spot now via the Sprouts website. Class sizes are kept small by design, so space is limited. Junior students (age 6-8) have a choice of Tuesday or Wednesday class sessions and Tween students (age 9-13) can pick from Monday or Thursday class sessions. All sessions meet 6-7:30 p.m. on the specific class nights. The cost of the new children’s culinary program is $149 per month, with a one-time $65 starter kit that includes the student’s black chef coat, recipe binder, cut glove and all earned pins.

Learn more about MemberChef:

Sneak Peek Into the New Program:

See Sprouts Cooking School’s Fall (August – October)Single Session Classes:

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