Nap Snacks: Exotic and Imported Snacky Foods

Key lime pie Kit Kat. Turkey-flavored Cheetos. Cinnamon bun Snickers. Bubble gum-flavored M&Ms. The wacky candies and treats you will find at Nap Snacks sound like food from a fever dream. Thankfully, all of these kooky-sounding concoctions really exist, and you can find them and more at this new shop on Indy’s northside.


Nap Snacks supplies hard-to-find, exotic and imported snacky foods from around the world. You will find lots of familiar brands (Oreo, Skittles, Ritz, Twizzlers) but in flavors that you will typically only find in other countries, including many Japanese imports. There’s a whole wall of just chips and popcorn: sushi chips, ketchup chips, pizza popcorn and more. For you cereal heads, there’s also several cereal options, like Space Jam cereal (yes, that exists), caramel Corn Pops and Unicorn Froot Loops. In the refrigerated case, you’ll find beverages you’ve probably never seen before, like cherry Sprite, Firework Faygo and yogurt Fanta.


For those who love surprises, Nap Snacks also offers a mystery box in three different sizes. The box contains an arrangement of random exotic snacks.

One way to introduce children to other cultures is through food. It’s a way to show how, even through our differences, we also share many similarities. So the next time you’re stocking up on snacks, stop by Nap Snacks and pick up a treat from a country and culture that’s different from yours. You might just find a new foreign favorite.

1323 W 86th St, Indianapolis |



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