Must Visit: Indianapolis Firefighters Museum

The Indianapolis Firefighters Museum, located in downtown Indy’s Mass Ave neighborhood,  is a small museum –- a quick stop will take around 30 minutes. However, the history and artifacts in this historical museum will delight and educate firefighter lovers of all ages.

Indianapolis Firefighters Museum
Indianapolis Firefighters Museum
Indianapolis Firefighters Museum

History of the Indianapolis Firefighters Museum

In 1995, the Indianapolis Firefighters Museum opened in old Station 2 on Massachusetts Avenue. Built in the 1870s, the station is the oldest standing fire station in Indianapolis. 

Visitors are welcome to stop by and learn the history of firefighters. They can explore the museum on their own or join a retired firefighter for a guided tour.


The museum’s visitors can see how firefighting has changed over time by looking at examples of firefighter equipment, trucks, and office and medical supplies from the past to the present. Visitors can see a wide variety of firefighter badges from throughout the years, along with other hands-on experiences. Such as trying on a fireman’s coat or peeking down the pole.


Hundreds of photographs, newspaper clippings, and other documents are displayed at the Indianapolis Firefighter Museum, chronicling crews from across Indianapolis. In 2009, the IUPUI library has begun digitizing all of its archives for an online collection. This will allow people all around Indianapolis and the world to share in the history of Indy’s firefighters.

Trucks and Transportation 

Perhaps the most interesting items on display at the museum are the original fire trucks, some of which were built right here in Indianapolis. Visitors can see the 1955 Maxim engine, a 1941 engine reportedly built by hand in a Fountain Square repair shop and a 2920 Stutz chassis. Children can learn about the early days when firefighters carried buckets of water, or used horse and carriage, to transport their supplies, and understand how the process has dramatically changed over the course of 100 years. 

Fallen Firefighters Memorial

The Fallen Firefighters Memorial is also located on the museum property, paying honor and recognition for those Indianapolis firefighters who lost their lives in the line of duty. See the names, date and rank of each fire fighter who paid the ultimate price for the community’s safety. 

More Info about the Indianapolis Firefighters Museum

The Indianapolis Firefighters Museum is located at 748 Massachusetts Ave. in Indianapolis. For more information, visit the museum’s Facebook page.

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