Musical Swings in Lawrence

Have you visited the musical swings at Fort Benjamin Harrison? They are part of a traveling art installation that is designed after the permanent installation of 21 Balançoires (21 Swings) in Montreal, Quebec.


The City of Lawrence brought the musical swings to the community for the kick-off of the Cultural Campus, which will be a visual- and performance-art space in downtown Lawrence. The musical swings serve as a sneak peek into just some of the cool stuff that will be happening at the Cultural Campus. (We’re all ears over here at Indy’s Child, by the way!)

When they are in motion, each swing triggers different notes. When the swings are moving all together, the swings create a musical composition. This exhibit is meant to stimulate collaborative exercise, intuitive play and experimentation among people of all ages and backgrounds. Oh, and they’re fun, too!

Check out the musical swings before they leave Fort Benjamin Harrison on June 9. And if you miss them, don’t worry! The design studio behind the musical swings (Daily Tous les jours) will be creating a $59-million-dollar interactive installation for the Fort Harrison Cultural Campus, so you’ll be able to experience art in Lawrence for years to come.

Find the musical swings at Fort Benjamin Harrison: 8950 Otis Ave., northeast corner of Post Rd. and Otis Ave. in Lawrence.



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