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The MSD of Lawrence Township is committed to providing a high quality, no matter which learning option a child chooses.

On July 30th, at the direction of the Marion County Public Health Department, MSD of Lawrence Township shifted to an in-person hybrid model for secondary students in grades 7-12. Students in grades K-6 still have an option for full-time in-person instruction.

All students in grades K-12 have the option to take part in a virtual program with dedicated virtual teachers for each building so that students will remain connected to their home school.

Those who prefer an off-site virtual model will be committing to either nine weeks or a full semester of remote instruction. Students in Kindergarten through grade six will commit to nine weeks of remote learning, at the end of which they will have the option to return to on-campus instruction. Students in grades seven through twelve will commit to a full semester of virtual programming. At the conclusion of the semester, they will have the option to return to on-campus instruction. Please keep in mind that there will be limits to the courses that are offered virtually at the high school level.

For a complete list, please click here. Students participating in virtual programming will be eligible to attend school in-person for a desired course that is not offered virtually.

Registration for virtual programming has been extended to August 27, 2020.

To read a complete virtual program overview, click here for English and here for Spanish.

Below are a list of Frequently Asked Questions about the Full Virtual Program for students K-12. Please contact your building principal with questions specific to your unique situation.

Who will be teaching virtual learning? Will it be the same person it would be if they were on-site? Each student will be connected to his/her home school. The staffing of the virtual learning program depends on the number of students who enroll in the virtual program in each school. There will be two different staffing models implemented. In one model, a designated virtual teacher will only teach virtual students. In the other model, teachers will teach both in person and virtual students. The building principal and classroom teachers will communicate the model with parents after the virtual enrollment process is complete.

Will the in-person learning be the same as the Virtual option? Students will have the same curriculum, regardless of if on-site or remote. On-site will have face-to-face components. Desks will be spread out to maximize social distancing. All desks will face the same direction. There will not be collaborative desks and there will be minimal movement within the classroom.

What will the daily schedule look like? In the virtual program, High school and middle school students will follow their daily schedule of classes. Daily attendance is expected. In grades K-6, a specific schedule of live, direct instruction as well as live, student collaboration times will be communicated by the classroom teacher to each family. In addition, the live instruction will be recorded if families are unable to access at the designated time. Office hours will be offered by all teachers for virtual students. All live instruction and office hours will occur during the times of the regular school day.

What is the curriculum? – The curriculum of the virtual program is driven by the state-standards and will be the same as the “in person” curriculum.  It is the instructional delivery that will be different.

Will teachers be teaching students that are on-site and virtual simultaneously? Live instruction may occur through a webcam for those teachers who are teaching both in-person and virtually. Those scenarios will vary by building, but will definitely occur at the secondary level. In order to best accommodate families, each school will have a slightly different plan.

May a student enroll in the virtual program and attend in person for a course not offered virtually?  Yes.

To learn more about Lawrence Township Schools visit or contact the Welcome Center at 317-423-8200.

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