November 2022



» The Benefits of Music Education

This article will take a look at the benefits of learning through music classes, including why music helps with brain development in young children, and musical classes and activities that you join to engage your little one and help boost learning.

» 5 Ways You Can Volunteer to Help Foster Kids and Foster Families

Becoming a foster parent isn’t the only way to help children in the foster care system. Here are a few simple but hugely effective ways to help children currently in the foster care system and the families who welcome them into their homes.

» Holiday Sneak Peek

We’re excited for all of the festive fun awaiting us this season! Here’s a look at some of the events families can look forward to.

» Travel: Midwest Foodie Tour

From pork tenderloin to chili, and sugar cream pie to Buckeyes, the Midwest is known for some delicious food. This article will hit the must-try, worth-the-drive iconic foods and eateries that the area is known for.

» School Open House Guide + Virtual School Fair

CLICK HERE for the School Open House Guide information. CLICK HERE for Virtual School Fair information. 

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» School Directory 

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