Make It, Take It Art Classes at Indianapolis Art Center

The Indianapolis Art Center offers hundreds of art classes every year and hosts many exhibitions in its six galleries. It sits on 9.5 acres on the White River in Broad Ripple. The mission of the Indianapolis Art Center is to inspire creativity in people of all ages.

Recently, I took my 6-year-old son, Michael, into the Art Center for a Sunday afternoon Make It, Take It class. Clad in masks, we enjoyed walking through the halls and peeking into the classrooms to see artists of all ages busy at work. There were painters, jewelry-makers and, our favorite, glass-blowers.


Michael and I signed up for a two-hour course called Clay Garden Houses. Our teacher, a professor at Herron School of Art + Design, led us in a demonstration on how to use the clay to form a garden house. She showed us pictures of different clay garden houses, and then she introduced us to the many tools that we could use to make our house special.

Making our clay garden house was so much fun. Michael decided that our garden house would be a home for the trolls in our garden, and so it was christened The Troll House. After making a clay candle to keep the trolls warm, we set to painting our troll’s home with a warm brown glaze.

Upcoming Make It, Take It Art Classes at Indianapolis Art Center:

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This fall, Indianapolis Art Center offers a smorgasbord of classes ranging from felting to glass blowing for people of all ages. CLICK HERE to find the schedule. 

More info about the Indianapolis Art Center:

The Indianapolis Art Center was founded in 1934 as a Works Progress Administration program during the Great Depression to serve artists. Today, the Art Center inhabits a beautiful Michael Graves-designed building which sits on a 9.5 acre stretch along the banks of the White River in the Broad Ripple neighborhood of Indianapolis. The Indianapolis Art Center is located at 820 E. 67th St., Indianapolis. Phone: 317.255.2464. 

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