Local Spotlight: Infinity Squared

For two math-loving Carmel High School sophomores, Allison Shen and Jennifer Hu, it’s not enough to enjoy working through math equations for their high school classes. They’ve partnered together to teach middle schoolers the infinite possibilities that come with learning math.

Resources and Mentorship

The academic Alvin E. Roth once said, “I’ve always been interested in using mathematics to make the world work better.” In 2023, Shen and Hu took this concept to heart. They created a new non-profit called Infinity Squared, with the hope that they can share their love of math with 5th through 8th graders. They say on their website that their goal is “to empower young minds to problem solve and discover the beauty of mathematics with real-world applications.”

Infinity Squared provides one-on-one instruction, free online resources, and leads interactive and engaging community programs and events for students.

During the summer of 2023, Shen and Hu offered an online virtual math summer camp to middle schoolers that covered number theory, algebra and geometry.

Among other events this past fall, they partnered with Carmel Clay Public Library for a four-week-long math program called “Meet the Math” where they taught middle schoolers skills in algebra, geometry and more.

Infinity Squared offers useful online resources, too. If a student is struggling with a concept or a particular problem, they can email Infinity Squared for help. Hu and Shen also post an online Problem of the Week every Sunday so kids can practice their math skills.

The Past and the Future

Both Hu and Shen say they are passionate about what they call “the art of mathematics.” Their journey started in middle school after reading books about math, taking classes, and from their experience participating in middle school math competitions. They hope to inspire younger students to join in math competitions too.

Those who take advantage of the resources from Infinity Squared are in good hands. In the past, Hu won 1st place at the Rose-Hulman High School Mathematics Competition and was in the top 36 at MATHCOUNTS Nationals (Indiana High Scorer). Shen was a qualifier for the MIT Math Prize for Girls and in the MATHCOUNTS Top 8 at the state competition.

Hu and Shen plan to continue to offer community programs and resources for middle school kids. On their website they share that they want to “open up … access of a different perspective of math to students with a passion for learning.”

To contact Infinity Squared or to find out more about upcoming community programs and events, visit their website, infinitysquared111.wixsite.com/mysite.

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