Local Dad Launches Website Devoted to Children's Safety

CarefulParents.com is an online community that promotes the safety of children by keeping parents informed of the potential dangers that surround them on a daily basis. Fishers dad John Michels came up with the idea for CarefulParents.com while watching news coverage of the Slenderman Trials in Wisconsin, which revolved around the stabbing of a young girl due to the influence of a fictional online character. John, who has two young boys and another child on the way, found himself thinking, “How do parents keep up with all the things kids are exposed to today?”

John partnered with Tim Sabens, a technology professional, to create a unique website that serves as a one-stop resource where parents can share important information, research, comment, and educate themselves on the world their children are living in. The content on CarefulParents.com is parent driven with the goal of creating an informed online community. In order to add content to the site, parents must first become a member. This then enables them to create an “alert,” a post or page on the site that provides specific information about a particular danger or risk. Membership is free and just takes a few minutes to complete. Membership is not required to simply view the content of the website, which ranges from reviews of young adult books to texting acronyms to the latest illegal drug trends among teens.

To learn more about CarefulParents.com, click here.

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