Little Foodies: Porter Books & Bread

Is it a used bookstore? Is it a bakery? Is it a restaurant? The answer to all of those questions is: Yes. Located on an old Army barracks just outside of Ft. Harrison State Park, Porter Books & Bread is a cozy place in Lawrence where guests can peruse and purchase used books while enjoying coffee, baked goods, and brunch and lunch items. 

Many of the items on the menu are named after literary figures or book titles. Visit for brunch, and you’ll find menu items that include The Sun Also Rises (a bagel sandwich with egg, bacon and pickles) and the Karamazov (a breakfast quesadilla with hot dogs and Russian dressing). For lunch, choose from several different sandwich varieties, including the Vonnegut (a ham and turkey sandwich with slaw) and the Tolstoy (chicken salad). 

Sandwiches are served on bread that is made in-house, like focaccia and farmhouse loaf. And if you can’t get enough of Porter’s freshly baked bread, you can take some home with you.

There are comfy couches and sticker-decorated tables all around the two-story restaurant, with a winding staircase that takes you from one level to the other. Stay a while with a cup of coffee and enjoy one of the hundreds of books you’ll find on the shelves, or play a board game while snacking on one of Porter’s famous cinnamon rolls. This family friendly place can’t be beat.

5719 Lawton Loop E. Dr., Lawrence |

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