Little Foodies: Mochi Joy Donuts

There’s a new donut in town: Mochi Joy Donuts has opened the first mochi donut shop in Indianapolis. Now, Hoosiers can experience these unique, chewy donuts that originated in Japan and Hawaii, and have been gaining popularity all around the U.S.

Mochi Joy Donuts

What are Mochi Donuts?

Mochi donuts are a cross between cake donuts and mochi, the Japanese rice cakes made from glutinous, sweet rice flour. This special flour gives the mochi doughnuts a chewy, light and airy texture. The doughnuts are shaped into rings made up of eight segments that look like little mochi balls strung together. Mochi donuts gained popularity first in Hawaiian and Japanese cultures, but they are now enjoyed by many around the world!

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If you’ve never had a mochi donut, you might be wondering what they taste like. Mochi donuts have a lightly sweet taste by themselves, so the glazes, powders and toppings that are added to the donuts really shine. The main appeal of a mochi donut, though, is its distinctive, chewy texture. The outside of a mochi donut is crispy after being fried or baked, but the inside is chewy and soft.

Mochi Joy Donuts Indianapolis
Mochi Joy Donuts Indianapolis
Mochi Joy Donuts Indianapolis
Mochi Joy Donuts Indianapolis

The Menu at Mochi Joy Donuts

Mochi Joy offers six flavors each day, and the flavors that they offer change daily. Check their website or Facebook page to see the current flavors, but you will typically find carefully crafted and fun flavors like:

  • Strawberry Funnel Cake: a powdered sugar mochi donut with strawberry glaze
  • Fruity Pebbles: a milk-glazed mochi donut topped with fruity cereal
  • Circus Animal: a glazed mochi donut topped with crushed Circus Animal cookies
  • Razzie Raspberry: a rasperry glazed mochi donut drizzled with raspberry sauce
Mochi Joy Donuts

How to Order Your Mochi Donuts

Because the mochi donuts at Mochi Joy are made in small batches, you need to get there early for the best selection. To guarantee that you’ll walk away with the flavors you’re craving, you should order your donuts online for pickup. Mochi Joy also offers delivery for a $6.99 fee. Check the website each day to order from the selection of donut flavors they’re offering that day.

Where You’ll Find Mochi Joy Donuts + Hours

Mochi Joy is currently operating out of the kitchen at the Noblesville VFW, located at 654 S. 9th Street in Noblesville. Just walk through the VFW doors, and you’ll see the Mochi Joy location straight ahead. 

Currently, Mochi Joy is open Tuesday through Friday, from 11:30 to 4 p.m., or until they sell out. 

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