Little Foodies: Harmony Tea Shoppe

You’ve probably eaten a sundae at some point in your life. But have you ever tried a matcha sundae with red beans, Froot Loops and granola in it? You’ll find these unusual — but delicious — sundaes at Harmony Tea Shoppe, located in the Keystone at the Crossing neighborhood of Indianapolis.

First, you choose your base of soft serve ice cream: matcha (green tea) or taro (a purple root vegetable that is similar in taste to a sweet potato). Then, toppings like red beans, sponge cake chunks, cereal, mochi balls and fruit are added. Then another swirl of soft serve is dolloped on top. The sundaes are served in a cup, so it’s the perfect treat to take and eat on the go, or enjoy your treats inside the modern shop.

Sundaes aren’t the only treats you’ll find at Harmony Tea Shoppe. You’ll also find a huge menu of tea beverages, including bubble tea, milk tea and smoothies. Choose from one of their signature drinks, like a mango jasmine green milk tea with cheese foam, or a caramel bubble black tea with dark brown sugar. The sweetness level of the beverages can be customized to accommodate your sweet tooth: you can ask for less sugar (75%) or even zero sweetness (sugar free). Pair your beverage with one of Harmony’s mochi donuts — chewy donuts made with rice flour — and you have a great treat.

3435 E. 86th St., Indianapolis |

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