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Go, see, play, do: LINE+form Art Center in Irvington

If I woke tomorrow as a kid anywhere in the vicinity of ages 2-10, I know exactly where I’d ask you to take me: LINE+form Art Center.

This brand new “exploratory art studio for kids” on Washington Street in the heart of Irvington is interactive, bright, and above all, a design-lover’s delight to the effect that I near begged owner Frances Samarripa to allow me just to move in.

And after seeing the one or two okay fine, near hundreds of pics from my visit the other week, it’s almost a guarantee that you will too.

LINE and form Atelier _ Indy's Child

Tucked in the same strip as your favorite Irvington haunts – Jockamo’s Pizza, Black Acre to name a few – LINE+form Atelier has an unusual name but a highly unusual ethic:

Allow children to experience art by truly immersing themselves in it.

And right there is your first step to realizing that this isn’t your average art studio.

LINE and form Atelier _ Indy's ChildThe entire space is delicately detailed starting with shelves of paint, brushes, supplies and industrial-sized paper rolls. Sample Pantone chips are lined neatly on the walls – the perfect visual for rookie artists to begin understanding tones, shades and color wheels.

LINE and form Atelier _ Indy's Child

Owner Frances has curated an awe-inspiring collection of secondhand furniture from a neighborhood Facebook sale page she and I both share {go Midtown Swaperoo!}. Coupled with some special Ikea pieces and a straight-from-Domino-magazine aesthetic, the entire studio is beyond inviting for both parents and kids.

LINE and form Atelier _ Indy's Child

LINE and form Atelier _ Indy's Child

LINE and form Atelier _ Indy's Child

LINE and form Atelier _ Indy's Child

And the floors. A beautiful glazed concrete that looks just how it should in a kids art studio: Bespeckled with paint.

LINE and form Atelier _ Indy's Child

But truly the best part of my visit was seeing the kids enthusiastically living out their splatter painting lesson on Jackson Pollack.

“What you’re seeing today is our 8-week Artist Expression workshop group – we’ve been studying a different artist each week like Freida Kahlo and Tara Donovan. This week it’s Jackson Pollack. We just read a story about him then decided to reenact his famous painting style,” said Frances.


Kiddos were equipped with spray bottles, paint brushes and more, flinging the tempera across a large campus on the floor. “This is where these concrete floors come in handy – easy clean up!” Frances again. She has thought through every detail of the studio with such care.

{Can we side note for just a moment to point out my awe that LINE+form studies artist Tara Donovan? Visitors of the Indianapolis Museum of Art will better recognize this name as the brainpower behind the incredible Untitled mylar piece on the 4th floor that I like to refer to as the “double helix.”}

LINE and form Atelier _ Indy's Child

Giggles were alight in the entire studio during this expressive exercise. Oskar’s mom {pictured above holding her baby girl} noted she recently moved from Broad Ripple to Carmel but will make a point to return for the toddler class – they love it that much.

LINE and form Atelier _ Indy's Child

LINE and form Atelier _ Indy's Child
A young artist shows off her colorfully freckled face following the fun of the day’s class.

LINE and form Atelier _ Indy's Child

Currently LINE+form Atelier offers 8-week workshops for toddlers and kids ages 4+, homeschool art groups, open studio time and other specialized programs. Scholarships are available for families in need. Down the line additional courses will include clay, printmaking and textile weaving as Frances continues to get her feet {and paint!} wet. Adults-only classes will be making an appearance too. So whether you have an opening in your kiddo’s schedule for a weekly or drop-in opportunity, I’m telling you right now, you’ll want to make the time.

Just make sure to say hi to me because as I mentioned above, I’m moving in.

MORE INFO: LINE+form Atelier is located at 5612 E. Washington St, Suite A in the historic downtown Irvington neighborhood. Ongoing workshops, classes and drop-in programs are available – check the website for details and a full schedule or email [email protected] 


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