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Heather Koenig did what responsible moms do when their children are struggling in school:  she went looking for a permanent solution. Her daughter, Alex, was falling behind; her young mind filling with self-doubt and shame.  Even by kindergarten, Heather knew her daughter had a learning struggle that her “mother’s instinct” knew was more than just something she would outgrow.


Heather’s Daughter Alex during her LearningRx Brain Training at age 7.

At school and home, Alex was experiencing a kind of data disconnect.  She would listen as her teacher, mom, or gymnastics coach rattled off instructions, but then finish only part of a task and was often unable to read or comprehend instructions well enough to get information on her own.  This processing malfunction led to confusion, followed by embarrassment and “acting out” in class and at home. 

Alex needed a permanent fix to help her be able to learn and realize her full potential. The day after Alex told Heather, “I’m just stupid, Mom,” Heather found LearningRx One On One Brain Training.  LearningRx took a unique, ground-breaking approach to fixing learning, memory, processing, attention, and reading struggles for all students, regardless of a diagnosis or not.  Unlike tutoring, LearningRx offered Heather’s daughter that permanent fix for her learning struggles and increased Alex’s ability to learn and think.

LearningRx targets and treats the root cause of the learning struggles, not just symptoms like struggling with math, reading, or comprehension.  LearningRx pinpoints the weak cognitive skills that cause students to be unable to process and retain information both in school and home. Once a student’s weak skills are pinpointed LearningRx creates a customized, one-on-one brain training program to address, strengthen, and grow the weaker parts of the brain which increases the students overall IQ and increases their overall learning ability.

After only 6 months of brain training, Alex made a complete turn around in her learning ability.  BEFORE LearningRx, she was a child falling behind in school, unable to remember a set of instructions, unable to read or comprehend well, and unable to remember what the teacher was asking of her. AFTER LearningRx, she became a student who participated in class, easily remembering sets of instructions, following along with the teachers in class, reading and comprehending what she read, and learning at the same pace as her peers.


Today, Alex is a successful 9th grader who will tell others that LearningRx changed her so that she could learn and didn’t have to feel ashamed and “stupid”.  She knows that if she had done nothing, she might not be in 9th grade tracking along with her twin sister.  Heather will tell you that LearningRx saved Alex and gave her hope for a future and helped the whole family from the strife being created in the home from having a struggling student.  Alex’s major life change that caused Heather to purchase the LearningRx franchise.

“Tutoring only puts a band aid on the problem without addressing the root of why the student struggles in the first place.  If there are cognitive weaknesses; things like attention, memory, processing speed, or logic, then a student will make little to no progress with tutoring.  It is my passion to bring hope to parents and give confidence to students who come to me feeling defeated and dumb. Neuroplasticity is an amazing tool that makes these changes possible in a short amount of time with a certified brain trainer.  My job is to make students smarter, increase IQ’s and give students higher learning ability altogether.  I love watching their life changing moments as they go through our short programs.  When they graduate our program, they go off towards their path to success.  It’s a pretty amazing thing to watch!  I LOVE it!”  Heather explains. 

About Learning RX

LearningRx is a nationally acclaimed Brain Training and Cognitive Therapy center.  For over 35 years, LearningRx has been changing lives of children and adults who struggle with learning regardless of a diagnosis. LearningRx is a groundbreaking, non-pharmaceutical approach to ADHD.  LearningRx Indianapolis has been serving central Indiana for over 12 years. Nationwide, more than 200,000 struggling student’s lives have been changed.  If your child is struggling and behind in school despite all the assistance and tutoring they are given, call LearningRx to finally fix the problem! 317-845-1999 or visit www.learningrx.com/indianapolis-northeast  to fill out a free cognitive skills survey.

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