Last Minute Mother’s Day Shopping (without ever leaving your car)

Wake up kids and feed them breakfast. Send them to brush teeth (required) and brush hair (optional). Drag school-aged kids to the bus stop (mostly on time). Run errands with my youngest. Buy groceries. Get home. Mow lawn, pull weeds. Do laundry and clean the house. Pick up kids from the bus. Help with homework. Make dinner. Clean kitchen. Put kids to bed. Repeat.

I’m a busy stay-at-home dad. Like many stay-at-home parents, my job is managing my family. I’m pretty good at taking care of the day-to-day tasks, but sometimes special occasions sneak up on me. For example, Mother’s Day is already upon us. As in, it is THIS Sunday.

I’ve clearly put off getting a present for too long. Ordering something online for my wife and my mom is no longer an option. I definitely don’t have the time or desire to load up my kids in my minivan and spend a day shopping at the mall.

In previous years my options would’ve been extremely limited. Fortunately, this year Sears came to my rescue. Sears has a cool new service called In-Vehicle pick up. Like many places, Sears offers you the ability to order online and pick up at the store, but here’s where Sears goes one step further. Not only can you order online and pick up at the store, you don’t even have to get out of you car. A Sears employee will bring your order out to your car and load it for you…in less than five minutes.

Seriously. It’s pretty amazing.

When I used the service, it was as easy as you might imagine. I went to, selected the Sears nearest me, then started shopping. Within a few minutes I had my order placed and a pick up confirmation emailed to me.


Pick up at the store went as smoothy as advertised. I was in and out of there in less than three minutes.

As part of Sears’ #AllForMom campaign they are giving away a $5000 Sears gift card to one random user of in-vehicle pick up the week leading up to Mother’s Day. For more information about the sweepstakes click

Guys, this year don’t be the dad trying to pawn off your kid’s school made crafts as a Mother’s Day present from you. And don’t try to find a last-minute gift Sunday morning at the grocery store while you’re picking up donuts for your family. She deserves better. Sears in-vehicle pick up allows you to get her a gift she deserves all while giving you a convenient shopping experience.



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