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KinderCare Learning Centers

For more than 50 years, we’ve been creating safe, encouraging environments where kids can learn, grow and build confidence for life. At KinderCare, hardworking families are family—regardless of needs, backgrounds, and experiences.

General Info:

Address: Multiple Locations
Phone: 833-905-3276
Website: kindercare.com

Q&A with KinderCare Learning Centers:

What makes KinderCare unique?

From curriculum to teachers, our approach to early education inspires a love of learning. Whether they’re building a skyscraper, cooking an imaginary feast, or healing a teddy bear’s runny nose, your child will build confidence for life by having fun with friends their age in our safe and supportive classrooms. They’ll find teachers who believe in them and give them the freedom to be themselves, try something new, and make new friends.

Our centers aren’t just licensed—they’re accredited, too! Accreditation means that a nationally recognized outside agency validates everything we do.

Health and safety have always been our top priority because knowing your child is safe means you can feel sound. Learn more about how we’re putting safety first to protect our families and staff by visiting kindercare.com.

What is KinderCare’s educational philosophy?

A child’s world gets a little bigger every time they step—or crawl, or roll, or hop!—into a KinderCare classroom. Here they can build a skyscraper, cook an imaginary feast, or heal a teddy bear’s runny nose. Everything in our classrooms is designed around their unique needs.

Safety first (and second, and third!)
We know what it takes to keep children safe, so you can feel sound. It starts with paying attention to every detail—big and small. Every day at our center, you can be confident that your child is in the very best hands.

Helping them develop who they are
Education is about more than knowledge. It’s about helping children develop the social and emotional skills they’ll use for the rest of their lives. Every KinderCare classroom is a mini-community where we help every child succeed on their own terms.

Teachers who become part of the family
We hire teachers who care. They do more than teach—they nurture every child, paying attention to everyone’s unique needs. At KinderCare, your child will find teachers who believe in them, who give them the confidence to try new things and make new friends.

What is KinderCare’s age/grade range?

6 weeks – 12 years old

What is your enrollment policy? Are there any key dates parents should be aware of?

There are not any key dates that parents should be aware of. To learn more about our enrollment policy call 833-905-3276.

What are the standard school day hours? Does KinderCare offer flexible day/hour options? Is before/after school care available?

Hours vary depending on the location but most of our centers are open 6:00am – 6:00pm.

Our Indy centers offer before and after school care as well as school break programs. When school’s out (but you still need to work), you can count on KinderCare to provide your children with a safe and supportive learning environment that’s focused on fun. We welcome children ages 5–12 during school break times! We’ll make sure big kids have a sensational, screen-free experience they won’t forget.

How many children are in each class? How are children divided up?

Class sizes vary depending on the location. To learn more about a center nearest you call 833-905-3276 or visit us online.

What is the teacher/child ratio?

Ratios vary depending on the location. To learn more about a center nearest you call 833-905-3276 or visit us online.

What are the teacher’s credentials?

The early education teachers at KinderCare Learning Centers are passionate about your child’s happiness and growth. They’re dedicated to providing a safe, nurturing environment that cultivates self-esteem.

KinderCare is more than a job to them. It’s an opportunity to share their passion for life while they awaken the wonder inside each and every child. Our low teacher-to-student ratios allow teachers to focus on the individual learning styles and needs of each child in our center.

Also, KinderCare child care centers devote more time and resources to teacher training than any other childcare provider. Twice a year we host the largest early childhood teacher training program in the country. Our teachers are dedicated to developing your child’s potential and are sensitive to your child’s individual needs.

KinderCare Learning Center virtual tour
KinderCare Learning Center virtual tour

Is parental participation required?

KinderCare teachers and staff want to form a strong partnership with you to ensure the best possible experience for your child. Our teachers provide daily communication with families and seek to understand your unique needs.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, we’ve stayed in continuous contact with the CDC and our pediatric medical panel, so you can feel confident we’re maintaining safe environments for your children and our staff. To learn more about parental participation at the center nearest you call 833-905-3276.

How do teachers communicate with parents? How often do parents receive updates?

Ever wonder what your little learner does all day? The KinderCare App allows you to send messages to your Center Director, download pictures, and get a Daily Report—all in one convenient, secure location. Visit us online or call 833-905-3276 to learn more.

Does KinderCare offer support for students with special needs?

Yes, our center offers support to students with special needs. Think of our classrooms as an extension of home. Not only will your child feel seen and celebrated; they’ll feel empowered to confidently explore their world in an environment made to nurture their abilities. Every child has a place under our little red roof. Our nurturing teachers and staff strive to create positive, welcoming classrooms by providing support and other accommodations for children with varying needs and abilities. It’s all supported by our Inclusion Services team and their mission to provide every learning center with what it needs to create accessible and equitable spaces.

How much time do the children spend outside?

Most of our classes spend 20–30 minutes outside at least twice a day, weather permitting. It’s a time to explore and play using their imaginations. The majority of our Indy centers also have an indoor gym/play space.

Are meals and/or snacks provided?

You want your child to eat well—and be happy, healthy, and active. We couldn’t agree more. That’s why we provide nutritious meals and snacks to meet the needs of rapidly growing bodies and minds.

Instead, our meals and snacks include versions of kid favorites made with healthier ingredients, like whole grains, proteins to keep bellies full, plenty of fruits and vegetables—and low-fat, hormone-free milk.

At KinderCare, nutrition is about more than the food on the plate. It’s an important part of our educational model. Even our two-year-olds set the table with their friends, practice “please” and “thank you,” and serve themselves from big bowls. (We don’t mind a little mess.)

Does my child need to be potty-trained?

Our team assists with potty training in our Discovery Preschool classrooms (2-3 years old). Discovery preschool is where your child becomes more independent with things like hand-washing and potty-training. That’s why sinks, toilets, and furniture in our classrooms are all kid-size—so they can build confidence knowing they can do it all by themselves.

What enrichment programs/activities are offered?

Learning Adventures programs give your child a chance to practice skills in a small-group setting. These optional enrichment programs are offered during your child’s day at KinderCare, so you don’t have to make extra time for them! Learning Adventures programs reinforce what children are already working on in the classroom and gives them a boost for “big kid school” (and everything that comes after).

Phonics Adventures:
– Grow a love of books, words, and poetry
– Discover the basics of letters and sounds
– Get ready for kindergarten

Music Explorers:
– Learn the foundations of music
– Sing, move, listen, play instruments, and create original tunes
– Get exposure to math, science, social studies, literacy, and mindfulness (think yoga!)

STEM Innovators:
– Experiment with age-appropriate science, geology, and robotics concepts
– Uncover secret messages with code
– Discover how to use technology to do amazing things

Cooking Academy:
– Learn new recipes and kitchen skills
– Try new flavors and encourage a healthy relationship with food
– Build STEM skills through kitchen exploration

What are KinderCare’s safety policies? What extra safety measures is KinderCare taking during the COVID-19 pandemic?

As always, we are putting safety first to protect our families and staff. All teachers and staff go through extensive training on health and safety practices we’ve developed to set a new standard in child care. We continue to work closely with our expert medical advisors, and follow CDC guidelines on protocols for centers in communities that are slowly lifting some restrictions.

Families like yours feel good about partnering with us because we’re leading the industry and setting the standard for health and safety. And, we know our efforts are working because transmission rates in our centers are a fraction of the national average. Visit kindercare.com to learn more about our most up to date health and safety protocol such as pick up and drop off procedures, masks, health screenings, pod structure, social distancing, etc.

KinderCare Learning Center virtual tour
KinderCare Learning Center virtual tour

Who should parents contact for more information about KinderCare?

To learn more visit kindercare.com/indy, call 833-905-3276 or email us at [email protected].