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Juan Soloman Park

Juan Solomon Park, located in the Crooked Creek neighborhood of Indianapolis, is one of those unique all-in-one Indy parks that has something for everyone. Looking for a fun playground for the kids? Check. Looking for a place to go creek stomping? Check. Looking for a woodsy park to hike and be surrounded by nature? Juan Solomon Park has that, too.


This 41-acre park is located at the northeast corner of Grandview Drive and Fox Hill Road, and has a playground that is great for setting your kids loose and letting them play. The playground at Juan Solomon is situated in a big circle, and is surrounded by a concrete wall that’s small enough for adults to step over easily, and small enough for kids to climb over, but babies are kept inside the playground — which means it’s way easier to keep an eye on them. The ground is also padded and soft, which is great to cushion falls. 


The playground has fun equipment for both young and older children, with slides (including a slide made from dozens of spinning poles), tunnels, monkey bars, netting to climb and a parkour course. Swings are located on the far end of the playground.

A large recreation center is available at Juan Solomon Park, which can be rented for parties. It faces the playground and has lots of windows, so you can move the party from inside to outside and still see what’s happening.

Around the corner from the recreation center is a hiking trail that takes you into the woods and to the creeks — the perfect place to creek stomp. The trail winds into the woods and makes a loop. If you follow it to the end, you’ll find your way easily back to the entrance. With the exception of one spot with a small incline, the hike through Juan Solomon is flat and easy, and perfect for toddlers and early walkers. If you follow the hiking trail long enough to the back of the park, you’ll see creeks and shallow banks where you can explore and play in the water of Crooked Creek.


The park was named after Juan C. Solomon, an Indianapolis community leader and former member of the Board of Parks and Recreation. Solomon was an influential member of the Indy black community, leading activities in the local Urban League chapter and on the Mayor’s Task Force for Unemployment.

Juan Solomon Park (more info) is located at 6100 Grandview Drive in Indianapolis.  



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