Indy Parks Unveils Willard Park Skatepark in Downtown Indianapolis

Willard Park is known for being a welcoming place for children, adults, and families. It’s also a popular space for people to swim, play basketball and tennis, walk, and explore.

And now Willard Park is known for its beautiful skatepark.

In July, Indy Parks unveiled the Willard Park Skatepark, which is located at 1901 Washington Street in downtown Indianapolis. It is the first skatepark to be built in Indianapolis in more than 20 years.

Willard Park Skatepark Now Open in Downtown Indy

The 13,000-square-foot skatepark features granite blocks from the old City County Building plaza and artistic concrete forms to create jumps, grinding, and trick skating opportunities.

During construction, skatepark designer Hunger Skate Parks implemented several moments of art to acknowledge Willard Park and skateboarders who were killed before the skatepark opened.

In tribute to the park’s history as the first site for the School for the Deaf, the skatepark spells out Indianapolis in sign language on a metal ground tail. Artist and skater Kyle Stuffy is memorialized on a quarter pipe with an acid-stained little tree freshener pattern. An open book skating feature honors the life of skater and scholar Ethan Williams, who served as a Mayor’s Youth Leadership Council member and was killed in New York in 2020.

Willard Park Skatepark Now Open in Downtown Indy

Skating advocates and Indy Parks are committed to using the Willard Park Skatepark as an example for future park development efforts.

Park visitors are encouraged to discover Indy Parks’ 213 parks, 153 miles of trails, and more than 11,000 acres. For more information on Indy Parks jobs, services, and programs, visit, contact the Customer Service Center at (317) 327-PARK, or email [email protected].

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