Indianapolis Zoo polar bear is moving to a new home

Awwww: Some sad news coming out of the Indianapolis Zoo today. According to an announcement to Zoo members:

“The Zoo has made a very difficult decision to permanently close its polar bear exhibit. While state-of-the-art when it opened in 1988, the exhibit is in need of updating. For Tundra, our 29-year-old polar bear, that means a relocation.

The Zoo’s veterinary staff carefully reviewed all of the options and agree that the Detroit Zoo is the perfect facility for Tundra’s needs as a senior bear. Considered one of the leading polar bear facilities in the world, the Detroit Zoo offers large spaces and pools with easy slopes for Tundra to enter and exit the water, especially as she gets older.



Indianapolis Zoo Polar Bear _ Indy's Child Magazine
Photo used courtesy of the Indianapolis Zoo.


Polar bears were listed as an endangered species in 2008. Tundra has helped educate millions of guests over the years as an ambassador for her counterparts in the wild. Due to their protected status, few polar bears are relocated or moved from other facilities in North America. We will spend the next several months exploring options for a different species for this exhibit space and will be sure to keep you posted as the plans develop.

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Tundra arrived at the Indianapolis Zoo in 1988 and has been a significant part of our community. She will be moved to the Detroit Zoo sometime after June 22. Please join us on Facebook and Twitter and share your memories of Tundra and wish her well on the journey to her new home in Michigan. She will be greatly missed.”

Plan your family trip to the Zoo by June 22 and say your goodbyes to Tundra! 

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