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Indianapolis Hebrew Congregation-Early Childhood Center

The IHC Early Childhood Center (ECC) is committed to giving toddlers through kindergartners a varied and rich opportunity for growth and development. We believe in providing an atmosphere of love, learning and play, which is greatly enhanced by our Jewish values. We also have a dedicated commitment to diversity among our ECC families and our staff and a strong commitment to our community.

General Info:

Address: 6501 N Meridian St, Indianapolis
Phone: (317) 254-2186

Q&A with Indianapolis Hebrew Congregation-Early Childhood Center:

What makes Indianapolis Hebrew Congregation-Early Childhood Center unique?

IHC ECC is proud to not only refer to our program as an Early Childhood Center but also as a community. We have created a close-knit community for students and families which has afforded staff and students to continue their relationships long after they have graduated from our program. This was exemplified with our 1 mile Walk for Unity Fall Fundraiser in which over one hundred Special Adults participated. When you enroll your child at IHC ECC, the experience is not just for your child but for your whole family.

What is IHC-ECC’s educational philosophy?

We are a Jewish foundational program which offers children a play-based learning environment as well as a traditional education. We take the growth and development of your child(ren) very seriously to make sure that we continue to enrich and advance their learning. All children, whether they are Jewish or not, are welcome!

What is the Indianapolis Hebrew Congregation-Early Childhood Center’s age/grade range?

Our school begins once a child turns one year of age through kindergarten. This year, we offered a transitional kindergarten program which has been preparing students for entry into kindergarten.

What is your enrollment policy? Are there any key dates parents should be aware of?

We will begin enrollment for our 2022 summer program at the beginning of March. Enrollment for the 2022-2023 School Year will begin at the beginning of June. At this time, we do have open enrollment throughout the school year as long as there is availability within that classroom.

What are the standard school day hours? Does your school offer flexible day/hour options? Is before/after school care available?

Our summer camp and academic school year mirror one another with the schedules that we offer. Our doors open at 7:45 am and close at 5:45 pm. Within that time frame, we offer a variety of pick up and drop off options as we know that families have different needs. We offer both part time and full time options as well as available pick up times at 12:35 pm and 3:00 pm. We do have a minimum enrollment requirement of three (3) days per week.

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How many children are in each class? How are children divided up?

We follow state ratios for our classrooms. Children are placed in classrooms based upon their birth dates. We typically keep children 4-5 months apart for the older classrooms and 3-4 months apart for the younger classrooms.

What is the teacher/child ratio?

We adhere to the state teacher/child ratios for Early Childhood Education.

What are the teacher’s credentials?

We are lucky to have a diverse group of experienced staff and educators. All of our educators have either a background in Early Childhood and/or a related degree in the field.

Is parental participation required?

Currently, due to COVID restrictions, we do not allow for parent volunteers. We hope in the future we will be able to create a parent/guardian volunteer program as families are key stakeholders in our ECC community.

How do teachers communicate with parents? How often do parents receive updates?

At IHC ECC, communication is a priority! On a daily basis, our teachers communicate with families using one of two (2) apps. They share pictures and daily updates through Seesaw or Class Dojo. Families receive a weekly memo from our Communications Director and Director of the ECC with updates, pertinent information, upcoming events, etc.

Does IHC-ECC offer support for students with special needs?

Yes, we support students with Special Needs and provide accommodations and supports to implement throughout the day to ensure a child can access their daily routine, schedule, and/or activities.

outdoor time

How much time do the children spend outside?

The children spend time outside on the playground or go for nature walks as long as the temperature is 32 degrees or above. All children have both a morning and an afternoon playground time which typically lasts for thirty (30) minutes. During outdoor walks, teachers encourage the children to explore their surroundings, discuss different aspects of nature, and embrace the outdoors.

Are meals and/or snacks provided?

We provide two (2) snacks a day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon as well as lunch. The children enjoy their snacks and meals as a classroom family.

We are a peanut and tree nut-sensitive school.

Does my child need to be potty-trained?

No, your child does not need to be potty-trained; although we will work closely and collaboratively with you to reach this developmental milestone.


What enrichment programs/activities are offered?

This year, IHC ECC is excited to announce our partnerships with Soccer Shots, Indy Dance Academy, Silly Hearts Yoga, and the Indianapolis Public Library. We also have internal enrichment activities and programs with weekly music and STEAM lessons, Judaic Values, Shabbat, and Library. This year, we began a new special called the “Artist Studio” which teaches our students how to become authors and illustrators.

What are Indianapolis Hebrew Congregation-Early Childhood Center’s safety policies? What extra safety measures is Indianapolis Hebrew Congregation-Early Childhood Center taking during the COVID-19 pandemic?

We take school safety practices and policies very seriously as we continue to navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic. Staff and students receive temperature checks prior to entry into the ECC building. Staff are required to wear masks throughout the day. Our students age 3 and older wear a mask throughout the day with breaks provided during meals and outside time. Our students, age 2, are required to wear a mask to enter/exit the building and when in common spaces with other classrooms. They have a break when they are inside their assigned classrooms. Currently, we do not allow parents/guardians/family members/Special Adults to come into the building to pick up or drop off children but rather have a procedure in place to bring children to the carpool line during arrival and dismissal. We sanitize all toys on a regular basis and routinely deep clean classrooms and our learning environment.

Who should parents contact for more information about Indianapolis Hebrew Congregation-Early Childhood Center?

Please contact our Administration Coordinator, Jenny Street, or our Director of IHC ECC, Jodi Kaseff, to schedule a tour and learn more about our program. We can be reached via phone at 317-254-2186.