Indiana Historical Society Introduces Genealogy to Kids

While many adults have been turning to genealogy as a hobby prior to or during retirement, introducing children to genealogy is something many parents, grandparents and teachers desire to do but few know how to implement. Growing Little Leaves is a new Indiana Historical Society series created to meet this need.


Not all those on a pictorial family tree are still alive. Cemeteries can be an important component in creating your family’s shared memory. Many children are insulated from the elderly, dying and death—and, therefore, cemeteries. It is important to teach children not only to respect cemeteries, but to enjoy visiting them for the peace and remembrance of their deceased family and friends. An additional benefit of teaching children about cemeteries is the ability to show them how to glean information from the gravestones.
On June 13, families can learn about cemeteries through the Indiana Historical Society with a program at Crown Hill Cemetery on basic cemetery etiquette and participate in a simple, child-friendly ‘scavenger hunt’ to search out unique gravestone carvings and symbolism. Attendees will also take a brief tour of the cemetery.
Coming up on August 1, children can learn about using military records in family history and the experiences of the military at IHS’s Eugene and Marilyn Glick Indiana History Center. Kevin Stonerock, noted actor, will perform a first-person presentation as Sgt. William Fentress, a real-life Hoosier who served in the Union Army during the Civil War. Children will also learn about other wars in which the United States has been involved through presentations and activities.


You can find more information about these and other genealogy programs at the Indiana Historical Society at or by calling Allison DePrey Singleton at (317) 234-1595.

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