Hugaboo™ Baby Seat!

Parents love snuggling and cuddling their little ones, but sometimes they need to put them down and what safer place than the Hugaboo™ Baby Seat! This summer give some comfort, support and all the security your baby needs with the Hugaboo Baby seat.

Snug as a hug, slip your little one into her own cozy and comfy Hugaboo. Your infant can comfortably watch her surroundings and develop sensory and motor skills instead of lying on her back staring at the ceiling. She’ll also gain a little independence while you gain peace of mind knowing she’s safe and comfortable. You can sit face-to-face playing games and seeing her giggle too.

The Hugaboo Baby Seat is perfect for babies who can support their own heads, between the ages of 3 to 8 months:

•    Unique leg and back support keeps baby from tipping forward or sliding out
•    Made from 100% polyester fabric with polyester fiber fill
•    Easy clean up with spot-washable cover

Hugaboo retails for $59.99-$69.99 at

Hugaboo™ was created by a mom who turned adversity into inspiration. At seven months old, her son was still unable to sit upright on his own. She realized there was no baby seat that offered 360 degree support for her child — so she designed her own!  As he got older, he was able to sit upright thanks to the ingenuity of his mom and his new special seat!

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