How to Give Your Kid a Haircut at Home

Hair salons, along with almost everything else, are closed right now.

This leaves everyone looking at themselves in the mirror in horror, watching hair and roots and split ends grow out with no real end in sight.

This also leaves many with the temptation to give themselves, their partners or their kids a “quick trim.” Before you reach for the scissors, Indianapolis hair stylist Carly Rae Phelps has a little guidance to help us through these murky waters.

What are you telling people who are asking you for tips on how to cut their own hair at home?

I tell them all not to do it. No matter what you’re thinking, cut or color. If you do it yourself at home, it’s going to be a mess to fix. It’s just not worth it, especially with kids. Kids don’t sit still. They feel like they’re being threatened with these sharp things coming at their face and it quickly becomes a two-person job. It’s not going to be fun for the kids or the parents, and I cannot stress enough how much I would not recommend doing it at home.

What if someone just can’t wait? Are there special tools you would recommend?

You can always get a $30 pair of shears from a beauty store, but the shears I use, for example, cost over $800. The cheap shears aren’t going to do a good job.

If parents are feeling desperate, like their kids’ hair is just a mess and not staying out of their eyes, take them down the hair aisle next time you’re at the grocery store. Let your kid, boy or girl, pick a fun clip or headband that they’ll be excited about putting in their hair. Day-to-day, that’s the best way to get their hair out of their face.

You know, we’re all in this situation together. Everyone’s hair is going to look rough when this is all over, including hair stylists’. No one’s doing anyone’s hair! We’re all just finding ways to make do. You can get creative with it and find ways to have fun, but the best thing to do is to not panic cut your child’s hair.

So, how do you give your kid a haircut at home? The experts simply say, “Don’t.” Here are some ideas for keeping your kids’ locks out of their faces for now!

Carly Rae Phelps has been a hair stylist since 2011, specializing in blonding and bridal. You can typically find her styling at Adorn Salon Flats. In the meantime, she’s updating her blog with hair upkeep and self-care tips to get you through till appointment books open back up again. You can also follow her on Facebook and Instagram.



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