Hidden Gems: The Toy Pit

The Toy Pit offers an eccentric variety of wall-to-wall new and vintage collectibles. Ranging from action figures, records, T-shirts, video games, LEGO sets, rare comic books and more, this store carries thousands of gems, including everything from hard-to-find items valued at $1,000 to used $5 and below action figures. 

The Toy Pit

Each aisle in The Toy Pit transports you into a different fandom, be it DC Comics, Star Wars, WWE, Marvel, Star Trek, and more. The majority of The Toy Pit looks to be mostly action figures, though it does carry a rack of Barbie dolls and other miscellaneous pop culture fare like vintage Hot Wheels and Pokémon. Funko Pops! figures are among the store’s most popular and contemporary items. There’s also an ample import section, specializing mostly in popular Japanese anime figures. 

The store buys, sells and trades. So consider that as you’re cleaning out the toy room, basement or attic making way for Santa. Might be a great time to see how much your childhood relics are worth. But leave your Beanie Babies, Tonka Trucks, Happy Meal toys, sports cards and Pez dispenser collections at home. This store does not buy or sell these items. 

Little ones with limited budgets get lost in excitement over the large selection of $10 and under items, including an assortment of baggies of $2 and $3 used action figures. And if you have a child who is into a character you can no longer find at a big box store, you’ll have good odds that The Toy Pit has it (or knows where to find it). 

9402 Uptown Dr., Suite 1700, Indianapolis | yourtoypit.com 

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