Hidden Gems: It’s On and Poppin’ Popcorn

Founded in 2007, Sharon Whitley turned her love for popcorn into a business venture. As a child, she loved to watch workers cook up caramel popcorn from the G.C. Murphy building downtown. After she lost her spouse of 33 years in 2006, she began the business out of boredom. Since popcorn was her favorite snack, she began experimenting and turned her love for popcorn into a business. She launched 15 years ago with two simple, yet delectable flavors: gourmet cheese and caramel. Now, she and her business partner Gregory Smith, serve up several varieties of popcorn, including Naptown mix (caramel and cheese), Butter Rum, Strawberry, Spicy Sriracha, Jalapeño cheddar, and a Cheesy Caramel (caramel with cheese on top). They also offer a vegan caramel corn. 

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Whitley’s popcorn has been available for years throughout the city – at The Amp for Indy Winter’s Farmers market, along with at the Binford Farmers Market. Her popcorn can also be purchased at Eskenazi Hospital. But recently, Whitley and Smith have opened up a storefront on 52nd Street just west of Keystone. Because It’s On & Poppin’ doesn’t have official open hours, they recommend you order online and pick your order up. If their doors are open, however, you’re welcome to come in and make a purchase. Prices vary from $6 to $16. And they offer custom orders with custom labels. It’s recommended to order a week in advance for these custom orders. 

1927 E. 52nd St., Indianapolis | ioandpoppin.com

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