Hidden Gem: Climb Time Indy

Climb Time Indy is a rock-climbing gym for all ages that has been a part of the community since 1997. It’s a great place to visit if you have little monkeys who like to climb, and a great place to learn about the art of climbing from warm, caring staff who are passionate about rock climbing and making sure everyone is safe.

I brought a few things to read and work on while my boys were climbing. I thought that they would be easily entertained by this place, and I would have an opportunity for a little time to myself. Nope. A parent needs to be involved every step of the way. I held the rope and kept it taut while my boys conquered (some of) the courses. That was actually really cool. We spent a good amount of quality time together, and I got to see them and cheer for them as they did something really challenging.

There are different courses at Climb Time Indy, from really easy to incredibly challenging. They are changed weekly to keep things interesting. There are walls that require a rope, and there are also walls that don’t. The walls that don’t require a rope have a delightfully pillowy landing that makes those climbs super fun to finish.


Climb Time Indy caters to a diverse crowd: real-live climbers, regular gym goers, couples on a date, and lots of families of all ages. The youngest kids were preschool age, and there were plenty of grandparents there, too.

I would highly recommend checking this place out during the cold winter months when your kids are climbing the walls at home!

8750 Corporation Dr., Indianapolis | climbtimeindy.com

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