Harrison Center’s Reimagined Community Art Space

This Indianapolis art hub is making its building and programs more welcoming to everyone.

Art galleries can sometimes feel intimidating, especially to families. The Harrison Center (website) aims to change that with a new project that will make its building and programs easier to share and more welcoming to everyone.

The “Convertible” project seeks to lower barriers to the arts by transforming the Harrison Center and its programs to more broadly accommodate community needs. Fun and welcoming elements include a rooftop outdoor deck and classroom with LED tetherball, and a five stop karaoke elevator that provides access for people with disabilities.

Karaoke Elevator- Harrison Center
Harrison Center
Harrison Center
Human Hamster Wheel

Other features of the Harrison Center’s Convertible project include seven light installations, one for each entrance to the building. Sliding glass doors make its City Gallery able to be converted into an open-air gallery. A restored historic smokestack spews plumes of colored “smoke.” Twenty-three art windows are on display for pedestrian viewers. A human hamster wheel is available that children, adults and even dogs can all use. Visitors can hop a ride on the slide that will take them from the first floor to the basement.

As phase two of the Convertible project continues, the community can expect to see outdoor furniture, a kitchen remodel, new accessible gallery doors, a front porch for the City Gallery, and two new studio spaces.

More info about the Harrison Center

Located at 1505 North Delaware Street. The galleries are opened Monday – Friday, 9 am – 5 pm. For more information on the project and the Harrison Center, visit harrisoncenter.org.

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