Hagia Sophia Classical Academy Offers Personal Tour Days

If you’ve ever wondered if a faith-based, classical education is the right fit for your child, now is the time to check out Hagia Sophia Classical Academy, which offers a classical educational experience for central Indiana children in grades K-12. Teaching a rigorous academic curriculum along with values such as virtue and wisdom, Hagia Sophia (which means “Holy Wisdom), aims to provide its students with a deep knowledge, not just data or information, as well as a strong mind and heart.

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Learning that Lasts

At Hagia Sophia, the goal is to help students remember what they learn. Current educational trends push high volume information in short periods of time. Sometimes called “cramming,” students soon forget large amounts of information. They teach with durability in mind. Hagia Sophia emphasizes “Personal Mastery.” Students learn more deeply and are one to three years ahead of their age compared to most schools.

The classical curriculum at Hagia Sophia inspires students, and links all subjects in a way that gives context, meaning and purpose to the academic program. It creates inspiration and teaches students how to think, not what to think.

Students at Hagia Sophia learn about authentic truth, how to cultivate beauty, and how to detect goodness. These values are embedded into the curriculum and school culture. The teachers create an atmosphere with purpose, inspiration, and hope. Hagia Sophia is an accredited K-12 school with a caring culture. Students like and support each other and teachers are examples of Christian love. It is an atmosphere of positivity.

boy, studies, schoolConnecting All Subjects Together
A complete education embraces the relationship between all subjects. At Hagia Sophia, math, humanities, arts and sciences are integrated. The relationships between the disciplines provide a woven meaning, rather than a glut of fragmented information. Interconnected knowledge reveals truth, goodness and beauty leading to awe and wonder.

Personal Tour Days
Dates are available for one-hour personal tours from October 18 to 28, from 9 a.m.–3 p.m. Contact Hagia Sophia at [email protected] to reserve your spot!



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