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It’s that rare occasion, a trifecta of sorts: the babysitter is booked, the evening is reserved and your schedule is cleared for an official date night. It’s on the calendar, and it’s happening. But what is the best way to utilize this precious time away from your kids? Whether you’re looking for an adventure, a little romance, a culinary experience or a money-saving good time, we’ve got you covered with a list of some of the best spots in Indy to woo your main squeeze.

Adventurous Dates: An adrenaline rush for two

“Go Ape” together

Engage that fight or flight response with an adrenaline pumping date at Go Ape’s adventure course in Eagle Creek Park. Challenge each other to a ropes course, where different activities such as the “log balance” or “flying carpet” will end in an exciting zip lining trip. After sailing high above the trees, take a well-deserved break and enjoy one of the many peaceful picnic areas for lunch and maybe a drink to calm the nerves!

Indiana Pacers Bikeshare

Peddle into a great date and tour Indy’s downtown area together by renting a bicycle from Indiana Pacers Bikeshare. With over 25 stations and 250 available bike rentals, couples looking to explore the city on wheels are able to do so in an affordable and adventurous way.

Segway the Canal Walk

The Indianapolis Canal Walk is an urban refuge where city life meets wild life. Walk this three mile trail or speed up the date on a Segway tour of the canal. Learn about the rich history of this area with a knowledgeable guide who can delve into Indiana’s past.

Romantic Dates: Fueling the passion

Blue Ribbon Carriage Company

Take a fairytale tour of downtown Indy, where a horse and carriage ride awaits for a very romantic date. Blue Ribbon Carriage Company offers antique horse-drawn carriage rides throughout the downtown area, including the Wholesale District, the World War Memorial, Canal District or Historic Lockerbie Square. Bump up the romance factor with some red roses and local chocolates that are sure to make any evil stepsisters jealous of this charming date night. Reservations are required and pricing and length of tour will vary for each district.

Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra

Dim the lights! Date night at the orchestra is a special experience. With a variety of musical compositions to choose from, the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra is a great way to spend time with a significant other and enjoy a cultured night on the town. Purchase tickets to one of the many symphonies in May, such as a Tchaikovsky reproduction or an ensemble of music from the Mad Men era. This date is sure to end on a good note.

Foodie Dates: Indy culinary coolness

Brugge Brasserie

Known as one of Indy’s best local restaurants, Brugge Brasserie is a great spot for a cold brew and a Belgian inspired meal.  With an impressive list of European craft beers (highly recommended is the Triple de Ripple Brugge), and meal options that include the classic pomme frites of Belgium, this date will definitely please foodies looking for an international treat.

Locally Grown Gardens

“Eat local” – the mantra of Locally Grown Gardens, proves that seasonal food is really the best food. This restaurant is a farm market open year round and is both chef-owned and operated. The beautiful simplicity and local flavor of this menu truly honor the food of the Midwest.

Affordable Dates: Fun on a budget

Indiana Historical Society

The past will come alive on a date to the Indiana Historical Society. At $7 per adult, this reasonably priced outing is not only affordable, but educational as well. Located in the Eugene and Marilyn Glick Indiana History Center, the IHS is a leading research library with archives on the history of Indiana and the Old Northwest. This date could be one for the history books!


Release endorphins together on a date night at a local Indy YMCA facility. Although a monthly membership fee is required to join, the YMCA offers multiple classes and exercise options to keep couples in shape together. Free on-site babysitting is also available, making this the kind of date you can have again and again.

Plan your own date night today! From adventurous encounters to romantic dinners, Indy provides plenty of interesting options for you and your special someone. 

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